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Online Design Marketplace Connects with Influencers to Drive Targeted Traffic

December 14, 2016

An online design marketplace increased targeted traffic to their website by employing CJ's Content Solution and the VIP Content Service. This allowed the advertiser to increase performance YOY by connecting with key influencers and producing strategic posts at scale from April through June 2015.

Results at a Glance:

Content Services Charts

Scenario: Bringing Great Design to Larger Audiences

This advertiser’s mission is to connect savvy consumers with the world’s best independent artists in an online marketplace. The bottom line depends on their ability to attract a large audience of good taste who could appreciate their endlessly fresh, unique art, stationery, and home décor.

Goal: Grow Targeted Traffic

The design marketplace hoped to increase targeted traffic by strategically partnering with key content influencers who could create relevant posts around their brand.

Solution: Content Solution & VIP Content Service

Through CJ’s Content Solution and the VIP Content Service the advertiser connected with CJ’s content experts who targeted young, décor-obsessed, and budget savvy professionals looking to design their home or office spaces with unique, custom art. With a focus on high-traffic content publishers, CJ created a campaign for the advertiser and connected them with powerful mid-tier influencers—all in an effort to drive targeted consumers to the design marketplace. The campaign included product giveaways to accelerate engagement.

“CJ’s VIP Content Service allowed us to tap into new publisher relationships to promote one of our newer product verticals, and quickly... resulting in great brand awareness, increased quality traffic, and subsequently improved sales.”

Results: Shining Success

Over three months, CJ enhanced strategic partnerships for the advertiser with 12 relevant content publishers who promoted their products to targeted audiences. By determining the right publishers and best terms to bring qualified leads to their site, the design marketplace not only experienced significant increase in brand awareness, as noted by their growth in impressions and engagements, but also saw a dramatic increase in sales in just one quarter compared to the entire previous year—results that were well above expectations:

  • 500% increase in content partners
  • 150% increase increase in brand engagement (including clicks)
  • 514% increase in sales in one quarter over entire previous year

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