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Michael (not verified)
November 6, 2017
A nice article. I have been wondering though, why mobile app publishers (like us at OrganizEat) are not supported? We don't have a web site - just the recipes app. But such an app is the source of potential traffic to grocery shopping. Our users actually beg us for the Grocery Shopping feature. We are working on adding it, of course, because we do what our users need. However we could have provided a better user experience AND generated a lead to some supermarkets if we could place CJ adds and tracking into our mobile app. We can of course resort to placing a web view and a page inside, but that is so technologically backwards. May be you have it, and my rant is in vain. If you do, it is not easy to find - certainly it is not on the front page. Superficially you only do web ads. If you want to hear more, reach out to me at I will gladly participate in a pilot of a true mobile integrated affiliate solution.