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Jul 27, 2020
Written by FedEx Office

At FedEx Office®, we believe having the right team helps you innovate and challenges your business to move forward.

Our venture into the affiliate space began eight years ago, powered by CJ Affiliate, and since then we have seen incredible growth and revenue opportunities, expanding our brand’s reach and bringing a win-win scenario to our teams.


Innovation Turned into Growth

We kick-started our affiliate program in 2012, focused on our print business. Our efforts and tactics soon translated into growth and success. In order to optimize and generate awareness of the program, we relied on paid search and paid media, with a solid communication strategy. These are just a few of the many initiatives that have proven to positively impact our program.

Here are the most successful tactics that have helped us become an important player in the affiliate space and that can help serve as a guide for your own brand:


Tips for Success

Take advantage of paid search. We offered exclusive bids on FedEx and FedEx Office keywords that translate into added exposure on the publisher sites.

Utilize upsell/cart-abandonment offers. We utilized incremental lift tests to determine effectiveness of targeted tactics and created cart-abandonment email series, among other initiatives.

Engage with mid-tier publishers. We contacted new and up-and-coming publishers through recruitment and activation campaigns, generated monthly/bi-monthly newsletters and did loyalty tests to drive activation and engagement.


Help Others Succeed

Beyond innovative tactics, it’s also important for your brand to be committed to a greater purpose, where you can establish bonds with your community. One of our missions is creating strong connections with small businesses to empower them through our printing solutions. During this year’s tough COVID-19 phase and challenging reopening process, FedEx helped small business owners get back on their feet by providing funds and credits for high-quality marketing materials like banners, posters, floor graphics, and custom branded boxes, among other products, printed at FedEx Office.


Goals, Delivered

By innovating in the affiliate’s space, testing our initiatives, bringing value to our publishers, and helping keep our communities moving, we proudly reaffirm our leadership with proven results. And as we continue growing digitally, in collaboration with CJ Affiliate, we look forward to sharing more tips for success and opening more doors to rewarding opportunities.

If you’re a publisher and would like to drive more sales to your site, get details about the FedEx Office affiliate program here.


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About FedEx Office

FedEx Office operates approximately 2,000 company-owned stores and locations in the U.S., providing convenient access to printing and shipping expertise with reliable service. The company’s network features retail stores, centralized production centers, corporate print stores, and hotel and convention center operations, as well as FedEx OnCampus print stores. Services include digital printing, professional finishing, document creation, direct mail, signs and graphics, copying, computer rental, free Wi-Fi, and corporate print solutions. In addition, the company offers FedEx Express® and FedEx Ground® shipping, Hold at FedEx Location, FedEx SameDay® City and packing services backed by the FedEx Office® Packing Pledge. For more information, please visit

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