Discover Your Brand's Affiliate Incrementality with this Interactive Calculator

Jun 24, 2020
Written by CJ Affiliate

For brands to intelligently invest, it's important for them to truly understand the value each channel delivers.

To find the answer as it relates to affiliate, the CJ Affiliate Data Science team harnessed transaction data, customer profiles, client CRM data, and site visit analytics to pull off the largest affiliate incrementality study ever conducted.

After looking at 21M retail consumers and 5.5M transactions, we found that compared to other marketing channels, when affiliate is in the mix brands see higher conversion rates, higher AOVs, and more orders per customer, compounding to deliver 88% higher revenue per shopper.

But what does that mean for your brand?

We created an interactive calculator powered by the results of our affiliate incrementality study, so you can input your metrics (site visitors, conversion rate, average order value, purchases/customer) and see for yourself.

Check out our affiliate incrementality calculator to give you an idea of the compounding effect the affiliate channel can have on your business.

Calculate my affiliate incrementality

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