Plug into Partnerships with RevLifter & Upsellit through CJ's Shopify Plugin

Dec 5, 2022
Written by CJ

Marketers are constantly looking for ways to grow digital strategies to drive growth in outcome-based, high-ROI environments.

For 52% of marketers, integrating multiple partners and tags is a known barrier to entry with marketing technology. Companies are increasingly embracing a “platform” approach—choosing a primary martech vendor or platform augmented by specialist providers—over a “suite” of vendors.

At CJ, our platform is ever-evolving. We’re excited to share an elegant new way for advertisers to use CJ’s Shopify Plugin to tap into tag-based partners without additional development work.


Amplify All Channel Outcomes with Strategic Partnerships

Strategic omnichannel efforts validate that each touchpoint in the customer journey plays a role in converting shoppers to consumers. Site optimization partners provide solutions designed to increase the percentage of website visitors who complete a specific action, such as submitting a web form, making a purchase, or signing up for a trial. The solutions each publisher provides can vary but are highly customized and targeted.

We’ve partnered with site optimization partners RevLifter and Upsellit to allow brands to achieve stronger conversion rates and AOV on traffic from any channel with transparency and accountability. 



RevLifter’s platform drives more conversions with targeted 1-to-1 offers on your website—while aligning with your brand and objectives. Hyper-personalized offers incentivize visitors to buy. Boost conversions, AOV, and LTV with intelligent incentives and content for the entire customer journey. RevLifter's experts will guide you to the right offers to achieve your goals, and AI will optimize the delivery to drive success.

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UpSellit believes that every site visitor has the potential to become a customer. Each shopper has their own motivations, tendencies, and intentions that they demonstrate through different browsing patterns, product selections, and behaviors. Their mission is to use this data to create personalized solutions that resonate with shoppers to increase conversions, order values, and customer retention.

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What is CJ’s Shopify ecommerce plugin?

CJ’s Shopify ecommerce plugin is a cost-free turnkey solution for onboarding with CJ, expediting scalable, profitable, global growth in the CJ ecosystem.

Benefits of CJ’s Shopify ecommerce plugin include:

  • An easy integration of CJ’s Universal Tag, allowing CJ to take the reins on maintaining tracking integrity in the face of browser and regulatory changes.
  • The ability to distinguish new customers from returning ones with CJ’s Customer Analysis Insights and Situational Commissioning solution for reporting and investment differentiation between customer segments.
  • Measure individual product performance via CJ’s Insights reporting suite with advanced item-level tracking. If a coupon code is used, the code and associate discount are also captured.
  • Capture the location of your customers upon conversion to understand the global reach of your publishers and program—no additional development resources required.


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If you’re an existing CJ advertiser that uses Shopify and you're interested in learning more about each partner’s unique capabilities, fill out a brief questionnaire to kick off conversations about site optimization opportunities.

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Situational Commissioning

Situational Commissioning is a powerful, rule-based commissioning solution that allows advertisers to build and reward on high-value commissioning scenarios based on order attributes unique to their business.


Insights provides actionable data on demand in an intuitive, streamlined and easy-to-use platform to help you identify where to take action for your program.

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