Vertical Management Services for Publishers

Aug 23, 2017
Written by George Yuhba

Publishers, does it frustrate you when you are declined from an advertiser application or don’t hear back after applying to an advertiser’s program? Do you think to yourself “Why don’t they let me in? I think I can promote them!” 

Well, you’re not alone. Many potential relationships are declined or sit pending. At CJ Affiliate we work to ensure that publishers—and advertisers—that are a good match are aware of all the potential opportunities that may be available to them.

The Vertical Management Services (VMS) helps to connect publishers with the brands that decline their application or have them in pending for more than three weeks. Other third party agencies and services charge to get past these obstacles and into the desired advertiser programs. If you work with CJ directly, this service is FREE!

To utilize our VMS recruitment support, your publisher account must fit at least two of the following three criteria:

  • Have an active, live website or have a BETA available for advertisers/CJ teams to check out
  • Already driving traffic and/or commissions to CJ advertisers
  • Website is Alexa ranked between 1-3,000,000.

Once in the VMS, you can send us a list of up to 20 advertisers per week that have declined your application and we will notify the advertisers. Note, we cannot pitch your account if your application was declined due to Nexus or a policy of the advertiser.

Since we launched the VMS, it has helped nearly 1,500 publishers match up with thousands of advertisers. Let us know if you’d like to take advantage of free recruitment services to reach even more advertisers.

There are a few additional restrictions for VMS use, so if you would like to be considered for these services please contact with your account number (CID) and URL(s).

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