CJ Network Benchmarks Report

Sep 10, 2013
Written by Sandrine T.

Every advertiser, at one time or another, seems to have had this line of thought: "Yeah, I know I'm growing my programs' EPC and average order value, but am I doing as well as I could be?" Or, maybe the internal dialogue goes something like this: "My affiliate program's costs are up and return on ad spend are down. Are my competitors experiencing the same?" Advertisers are always seeking some type of benchmark for their performance.

Recognizing this, CJ twice a year publishes a benchmarks report that focuses on major categories in the network.

It presents the key performance metrics (beyond sales) by which advertisers measure their success: conversion rate, average order value, cost per action, earning per click and return on ad spend. The report also summarizes what CJ believes are the inherent opportunities (and risks) for advertisers in the network.

Our previous edition, for example, highlighted that Black Friday is losing some of its strength as a key shopping day as more sales migrate to Cyber Monday. In addition, Thanksgiving Day has really become a key day for advertisers to engage with shoppers. This time around, we found some encouraging news about sales occurring in Canada and the impact of consumer confidence on average order sizes.

The latest edition of the benchmarks report has even more insights than the past. This edition debuts coverage for eight new categories, including Accessories, Business, Department Stores & Malls, Health & Beauty and more. These network insights help advertisers recognize where they're outperforming others and where they need to dedicate more energy, so it's a must-read for all of our data-centric, data-loving clients (and we know there are a lot of you).


Download the latest edition of the CJ Network Benchmarks Report.