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Bracing for Q4: 3 Strategies to Reach Cross-Device Shoppers

October 6, 2017

The Q4 shopping season is nearly upon us, and top of mind for many marketers is how to maximize opportunities to reach and convert shoppers.

Given that mobile shopping is growing every year—last year CJ’s global network saw a 21% increase in mobile sales—the introduction of Cross-Device tracking in the CJ network, has exposed additional trends in shopper buying behaviors that underscore the influence of a mobile experience.

Pro Tip: In order to understand the impact Cross-Device has on your affiliate program as a whole, as well as impact by partner, be sure to review the new “device” column in your CJ commission detail report, which indicates whether or not a transaction was driven on a cross-device or same-device basis.

Our Cross-Device solution accurately matches real customers to their devices, which empowers advertisers and publishers to understand more about their customer’s behavior. With more than 50% of network advertisers currently Cross-Device enabled and commissioning publishers for Cross-Device conversions, strategic Q4 growth capitalizing on these new insights will be pivotal.

Here are three strategies all marketers can apply to their affiliate programs this holiday season to harness Cross-Device insights to optimize and grow your business.  

Capture Early-Discovery Shoppers

The Monday prior to Thanksgiving, through Cyber Monday (also known as Peak Week) drove double-digit growth in purchases last year, and we don’t anticipate this trend slowing. It will be essential to capture shopper awareness early this season.

Network wide, roughly 10% of total transactions take place eight days or more from the last click, whereas 46% of Cross-Device transactions occur more than eight days from the original click. At a network level, this indicates that every publisher model reaches and influences research-driven shoppers who start their purchasing journeys early.


  • Advertisers: Focus attention on publishers with consideration-driven shoppers—they start on mobile, and they start early. Make sure to be at the forefront of the comparison shopper’s mind.
  • Publishers: Recognize placements hitting this shopper type to direct additional visibility. This is a valuable opportunity to gain competitive advantage and market share during this critical timeframe.

Network Trends in Time to Conversion:

Maximize Basket Size & AOVs

Just as technology advances, so does the savviness of the affiliate shopper. Consumers today make fewer purchases but with higher price points, and many start this path to purchase on mobile devices. In addition, when transactions begin on mobile devices but conclude on desktop, AOVs are 190% higher than mobile-to-mobile, or desktop to mobile transactions. Yes, you read that correctly!

Takeaway: Many Shoppers start engaging on mobile, and eventually purchase on desktop with bigger shopping carts. To tap this behavior, examine your CJ relationships for placements and partnerships that can/will yield higher percentages of shopping behaviors starting on mobile and concluding on desktop.

Network Trends in Average Order Value:

Optimize the Customer Experience

Creative, placements, and offers, oh my! Mobile is key, and although many consumers choose to transact on desktop, it’s critical to introduce shoppers with a ‘best-foot-forward’ approach on mobile experiences.

Takeaway: Both advertisers and publishers should be critical of their landing pages and offers for an optimal overall mobile experience for the customer. Test and optimize at the start of the holiday season (early November) to be sure these are ready to go for peak shopping during the Thanksgiving – Black Friday sales period.

Network Trends in Device Usage:

Although the data suggests shoppers do start their research early on mobile devices, don’t forget to maintain momentum during the last shopping week of the holiday season and leading right up to Christmas Eve! Last year, sales in the CJ Network picked up during the week after Free Shipping Day.  Lastly, as consumers switch devices while on the go, expect Cross-Device shopping to play an integral role during this week, as convenience is key. Check out more stats and trends like the below, in our 2017 Holiday Intelligence Report.

In summary, dig into your program’s trends to understand where your efforts will yield the most effective results.  Device usage, including initiating and concluding device, time to conversion, and basket size are all available in CJ’s Commission Detail Reporting today for all publishers, and Cross-Device enabled advertisers. Publishers, you can easily identify Cross-Device enabled advertisers in your CJ Account to discover new partnerships and to strengthen existing relationships. Start the season with your best foot forward, and wrap up 2017 with a bang!

Michael 's picture
Michael (not verified)
November 6, 2017
A nice article. I have been wondering though, why mobile app publishers (like us at OrganizEat) are not supported? We don't have a web site - just the recipes app. But such an app is the source of potential traffic to grocery shopping. Our users actually beg us for the Grocery Shopping feature. We are working on adding it, of course, because we do what our users need. However we could have provided a better user experience AND generated a lead to some supermarkets if we could place CJ adds and tracking into our mobile app. We can of course resort to placing a web view and a page inside, but that is so technologically backwards. May be you have it, and my rant is in vain. If you do, it is not easy to find - certainly it is not on the front page. Superficially you only do web ads. If you want to hear more, reach out to me at I will gladly participate in a pilot of a true mobile integrated affiliate solution.
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CJ Affiliate's picture
November 20, 2017
Hello Mike! If you plan to create a website in the future, you can use the URL for that planned website when you sign up for an account, as long as it will be a domain that you own. In addition, we do offer the capability for you to add CJ tracking links to your mobile app. Hope this helps!

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