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CJ Nominated for 17 Performance Marketing Awards in 2018

February 28, 2018

We’re thrilled to announce that CJ Affiliate has been nominated for 17 Performance Marketing Awards (PMAs) this year.

The UK based awards celebrate excellence within performance marketing. Alongside key advertising partners TUI, Debenhams, TM Lewin and Fanatics, CJ’s partnership with agencies Mediacom and NMPi have been commended in these shortlists.

Four of the awards that CJ have been shortlisted for are decided by the industry—we ask that you please take two-minutes to cast your vote for CJ Affiliate by following the relevant hyperlinks below:

The voting period for these awards will run until April 6, 2018. The remaining Performance Marketing Awards that CJ Affiliate has been shortlisted for are:

  • Global Excellence: CJ Affiliate and TM Lewin
  • Best Affiliate Marketing Innovation: CJ's Affiliate Customer Insights (ACI)
  • Best Brand Engagement Campaign: CJ Affiliate and TUI
  • Best Content Marketing Campaign: CJ Affiliate and Debenhams
  • Best Paid Search Campaign: CCJ Affiliate, NMPi, and East Midlands Trains
  • Best Influencer Marketing Campaign: CJ Affiliate and Debenhams
  • Best Influencer Marketing Campaign: CJ’s VIP Content Solution
  • Best Integrated Performance Campaign: CJ Affiliate, TUI and Mediacom
  • Best Managed Affiliate Program: CJ Affiliate and TUI
  • Best Travel and Leisure Campaign: CJ Affiliate and TUI
  • Best Travel and Leisure Campaign: CJ Affiliate, NMPi, and East Midlands Trains
  • Best Use of Automation or AI: CJ Affiliate
  • Most Creative Performance Marketing Campaign: CJ Affiliate and NMPi

While the Performance Marketing Awards are UK-based, at the global equivalent—the International Performance Marketing Awards—CJ Affiliate won three awards: Industry Network of Choice, Best Managed Affiliate Program in Western Europe with TUI, and Best Managed Affiliate Program in Eastern Europe with and

“CJ being shortlisted for 17 Performance Marketing Awards is a result of our focus on innovation and evolution within the performance marketing industry,” explains Jules Bazley, Regional Vice President at CJ Affiliate. “By launching true market differentiators such as Affiliate Customer Insights—which leverages the pseudonymous consumer profiles from Conversant’s single customer view—CJ has gained an incredible amount of unique, market-changing capabilities.

“Further, it’s about understanding the specific goals of our clients and possessing the knowledge and understanding to leverage our publisher-partners and in-house technology. We’ve got an incredible publisher network—one which we heavily invest in nurturing—and an envy inspiring suite of tools, so we make sure our team are enabled to harness them all in the most innovative ways.

“But let’s not forget the incredible collaboration and alliance between the CJ team and our partners—advertisers, publishers, agencies, and other partners. The brand-side, publisher and agency teams we work with collaborate in harmony with the CJ team, and it's this that allows us to push the boundaries in terms of results—something these awards lay testament to."

The Performance Marketing Awards ceremony will take place on April 24, 2018 in London. At last year’s Performance Marketing Awards, CJ Affiliate won two awards: Best Managed Affiliate Program alongside TUI, and Best Retail Campaign alongside Argos and The network was further highly commended for Best Travel and Leisure Campaign alongside IHG, as well as for our rising star, Vicky Baeckstroem.


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Sam Ganyata (not verified)
March 28, 2018
I am new hear but it's really great stuff you guys do.I am really excited to learn from you guys
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Robert Dunphy (not verified)
April 2, 2018
Excellent company indeed.....!
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Rangan Jammalamadugu (not verified)
April 2, 2018
Best Affiliate links and overall customer support is what CJ stand for. I am very satisfied and recommend them for all the awards they rightfully desrve
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Derek ashworth (not verified)
April 6, 2018
Need to open a account
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May 4, 2018
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May 16, 2018
I m glad about it

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