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April 4, 2013

I consider myself a friend of nature but I am helpless against Mother Nature's strongest weapon: allergy season. The runny nose, the sneezing, and worst of all, itchy eyes attacking me at full force.

To combat the agony, I am solely reliant on over-the-counter medication. The only problem is that I get overwhelmed by the multitude of options they have on the shelf. There's drowsy vs. non-drowsy, pills vs. liquid, indoor vs. outdoor, and too many brands to consider. I wasn't sure what to pick, a feeling that I'm sure many publishers have felt when shopping for links in the CJ Account Manager.

Luckily, the CJ Account Manager helps make your search for advertiser links less complicated than the allergy aisle at your local drugstore. The Links tab allows you to filter your search by category, banner size and link type all in one seamless sidebar. Say you want to promote internationally; we have the option to filter by language or advertiser's targeted area to help you as well. If the categories we provide are still not narrow enough, you can use the keyword field to search for advertisers of a related topic instead.

In addition, you can search for advertisers who offer the popular Deep Linking feature. Deep Linking allows you to drive traffic to a specific page on an advertiser's site. This can be useful if you want your visitors to go to a particular product rather than the general home page on the advertiser's site.

We also have a dedicated filter for mobile-optimized links. These links are provided by our "Mobile Certified" advertisers, who offer a mobile-optimized web experience to their customers and have met tracking requirements established by CJ Technical Services.

After you've found the links you are looking for, you will notice they are all sorted in alphabetical order, but you can sort them by different parameters as well. For example, sorting by "EPC" will give you general top performers, while "last updated" will provide you the freshest material. Simply select the drop-down menu at the top right-hand corner of the spreadsheet.

Overall, the filters available in the Links tab in your CJ Account Manager are a great time-saver when searching for your links. Unfortunately, the Links Tab can't filter allergy medications to save me the headache.


For further questions, make sure to check out our Support Center Topic ID's 1100 and 543.

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