Rethinking Digital Advertising: The Potential of OEM & Browser Advertising

Aug 30, 2023
Written by VEVE

In the ever-evolving world of digital advertising, brands and businesses are facing an uphill battle. The costs of traditional advertising methods continue to surge, leaving businesses struggling to find effective and cost-efficient solutions.


A Costly Conundrum

The statistics paint a sobering picture: In the past year, Facebook has witnessed an 89% year-on-year increase in CPM costs, while Google ads have seen a staggering 109% increase. These escalating expenses have increasingly left digital marketers concerned about the mounting costs of Facebook and Google ads, prompting businesses to seek alternative advertising channels to avoid being priced out of the market. In this context, the emergence of OEM and browser advertising presents a promising solution, offering innovative avenues for brands to reach their target audiences.


The Struggles of Conventional Advertising Channels

Gone are the days when traditional means of advertising, such as display, social, search, and video, yielded consistent and satisfactory returns. The landscape has shifted, and the results are not as promising as they once were. Many businesses are grappling with low return on ad spend (ROAS), oversaturated channels, spiraling costs, and an over-reliance on the platform policies of Meta and Google, which can make or break their business.

Moreover, as data collection and sharing of personal data continue to rise, consumers are becoming increasingly cautious about the usage of their information. Consequently, there has been a noticeable erosion of trust in online advertising platforms, as users now seek greater transparency and control.


Introducing VEVE – Your Ideal Advertising Partner

To address these growing challenges, VEVE emerges as a powerful solution within the OEM and browser advertising ecosystem. Built on the pillars of privacy, transparency, and incrementality, VEVE provides unique media placements that reach out to high-intent users across OEMs, browsers, app stores, and popular apps beyond the traditional channels of search and social media.

However, with hundreds of OEMs, browsers, and app stores, this universe is quite fragmented, with varying complexities around different geographies, regulations, devices, payment gateways, and more. VEVE steps in as your trusted partner, simplifying this complex ecosystem and providing a seamless way to reach high-intent audiences to drive them toward purchase.


Unlocking Untapped Potential

By partnering with VEVE, you gain access to over 500M+ untapped global users across OEMs, browsers, app stores, and search engines. This extensive reach allows your brand to acquire new customers, drive sales, increase downloads, and boost website views at scale. With VEVE, you can effectively expand your audience and take advantage of the vast opportunities that OEM and browser-based marketing present.


VEVE's Innovative Solutions

To enhance your advertising strategy, VEVE offers three powerful ad solutions:


Tiles is a quick access icon that enables brands to connect with consumers before they embark on their online journey. As a native format, Tiles allows consumers to effortlessly navigate to their favorite and popular websites. Leverage this format to drive clicks, engagements, leads, sales, subscriptions, and app installs.

VEVE example_tiles


Impact provides customizable high-impact banner ads strategically placed across unique touchpoints like popular browser start pages, websites, and apps. Optimized for every device, this format maximizes visibility and helps drive clicks, engagements, leads, sales, and subscriptions during key trading periods and seasonal sales.

VEVE example_impact

App Install

App Install offers highly accessed touchpoints in an app store environment that drive incremental app installs for brands through tailored recommendations across leading OEMs.

VEVE example_app install


Embrace the Future of Advertising

In conclusion, OEM and browser advertising offer a refreshing and effective solution to the challenges faced in the modern advertising world. With VEVE as your trusted partner, you can unlock the untapped potential of this universe and achieve remarkable results. Embrace this innovative approach, connect with new audiences, and propel your brand to new heights.


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VEVE is a technology-based performance and brand marketing platform that enables brands to connect with 500 MN+ unique users across various mobile handsets (OEMs), Internet Browsers, App stores, and Premium Apps across the globe. The strong collaboration enables brands to access 36% of smartphone and desktop users in North America and 50% across Europe. The massive reach along with the novelty of the VEVE’s on-device ad formats helps brands drive clicks, visits, new user acquisitions, sales, subscriptions, and app installs.

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