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The Truth About Coupon Affiliates

No matter where you currently fall on the “love-hate coupon affiliates” spectrum, we owe it to ourselves to explore the bigger questions about how we choose which affiliates to work with: Are we left to rely on feelings when evaluating partner performance, incrementality and the overall value of an affiliate or even an entire affiliate category? Is our gut the only thing we have at our disposal to help us make good budget allocation decisions?

The Voice of the Affiliate: How Will Voice Technology Reshape the Affiliate Ecosystem?

In 2019 we have more voice technology than ever before, and this is already reshaping the affiliate ecosystem. With a recent study demonstrating that 37% of smart phone users are already leveraging voice technology, and a prediction that this will rise to over 50% by 2020, the performance marketing community would do well to consider the variety of ways in which our industry will be disrupted by voice technology. 

Attract Cross-Border Shoppers, Grow Your Domestic Sales By Amalia A. Thomas

Summary: By 2022, cross-border transactions will make up 20% of all global eCommerce. Start now to sell globally from your existing site. 

Affiliate Industry Form Joint-Initiative and Challenge Advertiser Compliance

With ITP 2.0 and the imminent Firefox updates continuing to threaten tracking and measurement ad tech, affiliates, networks and retailers have come together, issuing a rallying cry to all advertisers, calling on them to implement fit-for-purpose tracking solutions that fairly reward their publishers.

8 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Use Affiliate Marketing

Marketing is no longer what you say to your customers, it's what your customers say to one another about your small business. One simple way to get more people talking about you is through affiliate marketing. It is a cost-effective, ROI-positive, and often unheard of digital marketing tactic.

5 Tips for Navigating Design Media Today

What is the future of design media? With the wave of recent changes at major publishing houses, the shift in print editorial coverage and the rise of Instagram, the world I started my PR career in looks nothing like the one I work in today.

How to Ensure the Transparency of Sub-Affiliate Networks for Your Affiliate Programme

Sub-affiliate networks are a common feature in the affiliate marketing world. They offer services to publishers that can make it easier for them to monetise their website – they create a second tier of an affiliate programme – whereas a traditional affiliate network is a mediator between advertisers/merchants and affiliates/publishers.

Prime Day is not Just for Amazon: All Retailers See a Spike in Revenue

AmazonPrime Day – 48 hours of discount mayhem on Amazon that officially starts at midday on 16 July – is not just for Amazon, new research has revealed.

Amazon Prime Day Retail Effect Set to Be Felt Well Beyond its Own Website

Figures from across the CJ Affiliate network suggest that between 2016 and 2017, retailers saw their revenue grow by 64% year-on-year, over the two days of Prime Day, while retail sales grew by 38%. That’s well ahead of the 15% sales rise seen on a non-Prime Day July day.

Prime Day is not Just for Amazon: Other Retailers See 64% Spike in Revenue

Brand new figures from across CJ Affiliate’s global network reveal that from 2016 to 2017, across the two days of Prime Day retailers globally saw an average year on year revenue growth of 64% and year on year sales grew by 38%. This is a huge increase compared with the average global year on year growth for a day in July of 22% and 15% for sales.

The Amazon Prime Day Effect – How Brands Can Capitalize on the Global Shopping Event

As the mega online shopping event grows in popularity every year, Amazon isn’t the only one reaping the rewards. Prime Day may help to pique consumer interest, but the buzz carries over to other brands, which experienced significant revenue growth around the same day last year. In CJ Affiliate’s global network, brands saw an average of 75% year-over-year growth in revenue on Prime Day.

Retailers See 64% Increase in Revenue Year-On-Year On Amazon Prime Day

With Amazon Prime Day fast approaching (July 16), CJ Affiliate findings show that global retailers experienced a huge spike in revenue growth year-on-year during the two days of Prime Day from 2016 to 2017.

Why Brands Should Look to Affiliate for Global Growth in APAC

With a total population of 3.1 billion people, the Asia Pacific (APAC) region represents the largest opportunity for digital expansion in the world. For brands looking to capitalize on this opportunity, affiliate marketing is an effective channel for driving global brand growth. 

Asking the Affiliate Networks: Where Do You Stand on GDPR?

In this Q&A, PerformanceIn aims to draw a comparison between the approaches of leading UK affiliate networks with efforts towards a “unified approach” disbanded.

How Influencer Marketing’s Relationship With Affiliate Will Develop in 2018

Influencer marketing is undoubtedly one of the biggest trends in affiliate marketing. In the last two years, the number of affiliate partnerships with influencers has soared.

Three Predictions for the Affiliate Marketing Industry in 2018

As consumers add more devices and their shopping experiences become more digitally-led, we will continue to see innovation in affiliate to keep pace with evolving behaviors.

Maximize Affiliate Revenue with Performance Marketing

Affiliate marketing enables web publishers to monetize content - and thousands of site owners are turning to CJ Affiliate to get these revenue streams flowing. 

Affiliate Marketing: How Can Publishers Increase Global Growth?

Affiliate marketing has drastically evolved since its inception, but capitalizing on technological innovations and digital trends has always been and always will be part of its DNA.

The Power of Cross-Device Solutions in a Results-Driven Affiliate Strategy

Cross-Device creates (data) visibility, actionable insights, and allows for compensation when a multi-device consumer is influenced to make a purchase. See how this helps marketers optimize their affiliate strategies.

Understanding Cross-Device: 3 Things Marketers Need To Know

Today's consumer is device- and channel-agnostic, and switches seamlessly from device to device throughout a given day. Find out what you need to know to adapt to this cross-decive behavior. 

How CJ Affiliate Leverages Conversant’s Data to Help Retailers Drive Better Returns Through Affiliate Marketing

SVP of Business Development Paul Tibbitt and President Waleed Al-Atraqchi of CJ Affiliate speak about building affiliate relationships with person-level consumer profiles.

3 Affiliate Marketing Strategies for the 2017 Holiday Retail Season

Strategy & Insights Director Sandrine Thompson shares insights from the holiday 2016 online shopping season that will help marketers improve their results in 2017.

A Dive Into the Murky, But Very Important World of Affiliate Marketing

Vice President of Commercial Development (EU) Jules Bazley discusses shifting perceptions of the affiliate channel to a relevant part of every major retail brand's marketing mix.

How to Generate Offline Return with Site-to-Store Affiliate Marketing

Vice President of Corporate Development Camille Ip explains why retailers need to employ a "site-to-store" strategy within their affiliate marketing mix to see yield in offline returns.

How Internet Retailers Can Capitalize On Amazon Prime Day With Affiliate Marketing

Account Director Monique Zapata-Kaufman offers advice on how to leverage consumer excitement around Prime Day to drive shoppers to their shopping cart.

Five Predictions for the Future of Affiliate Partnerships

Vice President of Publisher Development Scott Ginsberg shares his forecast for the upcoming developments in the world of affiliate partnerships.

CJ Affiliate Debuts Global Cross-Device Tracking

CJ Affiliate's cross-device solution accurately identifies consumer transactions across multiple devices and reaches multi-device shoppers on a deeper level than previous industry capabilities allowed.

Learning from PMA 17: CJ Affiliate Wins Best Managed Affiliate Programme with TUI

Director of Client Development Owen Hancock offers a behind-the-scenes look at CJ Affiliate's award-winning work for TUI.

Spotlight! Affiliate Marketing Q&A with CJ Affiliate by Conversant

Senior Director of Publisher Development Sarah Crosby discusses the value of influencers in affiliate marketing.

Three Key Learnings for New Affiliate Marketing Managers

Chris Bass, Senior Content Strategist, shares how success is highly dependent on the development, maintenance, and growth of your network.

How to Get Advertiser Buy-In for Big Affiliate Projects

SVP of Business Development at CJ Affiliate, Paul Tibbit, offers tips on how to drive increased investment in affiliate through 2017.

What to Look for in Search 2017

CJ Affiliate Network Performance Director George Yuhba anticipates what's ahead for search in 2017.

Looking Back on Search 2016

CJ Affiliate Network Performance Director George Yuhba offers his most important search developments of 2016.

How to Get the Best from Content Affiliates in 2017

CJ Affiliate Business Development Manager Jessica Woodbury shares tips on how advertisers can best leverage affiliate in 2017.

Retailers Reevaluate their Affiliate Marketing Programs

Dan Sweeney, Group Vice President of Corporate Development, shares how retailers are looking at members in their affiliate marketing networks to determine where to allocate their marketing budgets.

Best Practices for Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest

Jessica Woodbury, Director of Content Development, offers tips on how to take advantage of affiliate links on Pinterest.

How Consumers are Changing Affiliate Marketing

Desiree Toto, Director of Product Development, explains how consumer behavior is changing and what marketers can do to adjust.

Say Goodbye to National E-commerce Borders

Sandrine Thompson, Strategic Insights Director, discusses how smartphones, a growing global middle class and improved online services are opening up international e-commerce opportunities.