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Celebrating Women in Affiliate Marketing (Part 1)

Today, on International Women’s Day, we're celebrating women in affiliate marketing, I am excited to bring you a super compilation of interviews. Having reached out to numerous fine ladies in our industry, we were pleasantly astounded by the response rate. Within just a few days we ending up interviewing more than 40 ladies from all around the world, working both for giants like Microsoft and Sprint, Uber and Shutterstock, as well as self-employed women who live and love affiliate marketing every day.

Looking Beyond Traditional Affiliates: Is Content King?

Dan Sweeney investigates why advertisers need to branch out beyond traditional affiliates and recruit content publishers, giving you access to larger and more varied audiences, and engaging and converting customers.

Using KPIs that Matter to Achieve Influencer Marketing Success

Affiliate gives brands the transparency and robust tracking they need to measure and truly understand how their influencer efforts are working. The problem? Affiliate marketers get stuck comparing results from influencer campaigns to those of traditional affiliates like coupon and loyalty publishers. The fact is that affiliate teams need to look at a different set of considerations and KPIs to achieve influencer marketing success.

The Right Way to Engage with New Affiliate Partners

The strongest affiliate models that have persisted within the affiliate marketing channel since its inception are coupon sites and loyalty/cashback sites. While these publisher models are highly productive in driving revenue for advertisers and shouldn’t be ignored in your publisher mix, there is still an opportunity to reach even more consumers and drive sales with an audience who may not interact with these publisher models. There are several other publisher types that, combined with the proper strategy, can round out a diverse publisher set that offers the optimal customer reach for any given advertiser.  

The Truth About Coupon Affiliates

No matter where you currently fall on the “love-hate coupon affiliates” spectrum, we owe it to ourselves to explore the bigger questions about how we choose which affiliates to work with: Are we left to rely on feelings when evaluating partner performance, incrementality and the overall value of an affiliate or even an entire affiliate category? Is our gut the only thing we have at our disposal to help us make good budget allocation decisions?

The Voice of the Affiliate: How Will Voice Technology Reshape the Affiliate Ecosystem?

In 2019 we have more voice technology than ever before, and this is already reshaping the affiliate ecosystem. With a recent study demonstrating that 37% of smart phone users are already leveraging voice technology, and a prediction that this will rise to over 50% by 2020, the performance marketing community would do well to consider the variety of ways in which our industry will be disrupted by voice technology. 

Attract Cross-Border Shoppers, Grow Your Domestic Sales By Amalia A. Thomas

Summary: By 2022, cross-border transactions will make up 20% of all global eCommerce. Start now to sell globally from your existing site. 

Affiliate Industry Form Joint-Initiative and Challenge Advertiser Compliance

With ITP 2.0 and the imminent Firefox updates continuing to threaten tracking and measurement ad tech, affiliates, networks and retailers have come together, issuing a rallying cry to all advertisers, calling on them to implement fit-for-purpose tracking solutions that fairly reward their publishers.

8 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Use Affiliate Marketing

Marketing is no longer what you say to your customers, it's what your customers say to one another about your small business. One simple way to get more people talking about you is through affiliate marketing. It is a cost-effective, ROI-positive, and often unheard of digital marketing tactic.

5 Tips for Navigating Design Media Today

What is the future of design media? With the wave of recent changes at major publishing houses, the shift in print editorial coverage and the rise of Instagram, the world I started my PR career in looks nothing like the one I work in today.