Welcome to the New CJ Platform Experience!

Aug 22, 2023
Written by CJ

You may have noticed that the CJ platform got a makeover!

Designed to make your workflow as effortless as possible, the new platform experience is simplified, sleek, and more intuitive than ever before, so you can focus on what matters most: growth.

*Deep breath* Is there anything more satisfying than when everything is in the right place?


Take the New CJ Platform Experience for a Spin

We know change can feel weird at first! That's why we’ve built in time for you to test and play with the new platform experience for a limited time.

To toggle the new platform experience on and off, simply click your profile in the top right corner and flip the switch in the dropdown.

Check out these new navigational features we know you’ll love:

  • An organized navigation architecture makes finding exactly what you’re looking for more efficient than ever.
  • Let your objective be your guide with our task-based menu design. Simply select a topic, choose a task, and get to work!
  • We’re currently testing on-hover page descriptions to provide additional context so you can understand what each page offers at a glance.
  • A multi-account dropdown allows you to seamlessly switch between multiple CJ accounts from the top navigation of any page.
  • The account balance display in the navigation shows the balance for whichever account you currently have selected.
  • The Resources dropdown provides a comprehensive view of all support and resources in one place. Click the “?” button in the nav to contact support, access help docs, head to our API & Developer Portal, or read content on Junction.


We Want Your Feedback!

Note that things may be buggy while we’re in testing—if you have feedback or have a bug to report, we’d love to hear from you!

  • Provide feedback via the Learning Hub in the new platform experience by clicking the education icon in the bottom left corner.
  • Report a bug by filling out a ticket in the CJ Support Center.


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