The CJ Performer Program Got a Global Glow Up and It’s Better Than Ever

May 25, 2023
Written by Jodi Ford

Launched in 2005, the CJ Performer (CJP) program highlights and recognizes the top-performing, most engaged publishers in the CJ network.

A lot has changed in 18 years! As our thriving publisher community has diversified and grown, it only made sense for the CJP program to do the same—we’re excited to share that we’ve made some adjustments to better reflect our current global network profile. We can’t wait to shine a spotlight on more publishers across the world!


What is the CJ Performer Program?

The CJ Performer program is a program that amplifies the top-performing, most engaged publishers in the CJ network and signals that a publisher is actively involved with our Global Publisher Development Team. All CJPs are badged in the CJ platform, making it easy for advertisers to filter to find top priority publishers for recruitment, migrations, and launches using our Recruit Partners tool. CJPs benefit from brand amplification across the CJ network and enjoy a number of special benefits.


The Qualities of a CJ Performer

This elite group of CJ publishers demonstrates the key attributes advertisers want in their affiliate partnerships. CJPs are…

  • High Performers: CJPs have a history of high performance and increased revenue potential. They have a high CJ Network Ranking and are top performers in their target countries.
  • Actively Engaged: CJPs are true partners that are actively engaged and eager to collaborate with advertisers to ensure each partnership is fully optimized. CJPs are ready to drive growth!
  • Network Compliant: CJPs follow network/program rules and guidelines and are in good standing with CJ’s Network Quality team.

Although the bar for CJPs is high, we hope this program provides an inspirational echelon of status for new publishers to work towards and achieve.


The New and Improved CJ Performer Program

Wondering how a publisher qualifies to be a CJP and gets one of the coveted invitations? Here’s how it all works:

Updated CJP Requirements   

  • Global Eligibility: Being a CJP is no longer limited to certain countries! Custom thresholds have been established by country to ensure we can highlight the top publishers in every region.
  • Commission Threshold: Your account(s) must earn a minimum amount of commission. These thresholds vary by country and can be met through single or multiple CJ publisher accounts.
  • Active Relationships: Publishers must have conversions/transactions with multiple advertisers to show that they are engaged across the network.
  • Publisher Management: Must be part of one of CJ’s Publisher Development management tiers, indicating engagement/responsiveness and minimum performance requirements.
  • Internal Review: Eligible publishers must be approved by the CJP Team and Network Quality.

Please note that the CJ Performer program is invite only. If you’re eligible, the CJP Team will reach out via email and provide instructions on how to apply.


The CJ Performer Program: Next Steps

Now that you’re in the know on the latest and greatest, it’s time to take action!

Advertisers: Filter for the CJP badge in the CJ platform by navigating to: Publishers Tab > Recruit Partners > select “CJ Performer”.

Publishers: Make note of the qualities and requirements above and set your sights on becoming the next CJP!

For more information, check out our article on the CJP program in the Support Center.


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