Level Up Your Affiliate Program with These Data Solutions

Feb 9, 2023
Written by CJ

Data and insights make the strategies go 'round! Luckily, CJ clients have access to a wealth of tools and metrics that can help them track performance, make informed decisions, and inspire new ideas.

Whether you're looking to evaluate your Q4 performance or plan for the future, there are a number of key reports that can provide valuable insights into the success of your partnership program. From tracking sales and conversions to gaining insight into the customer journey to evaluating the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, CJ's got you covered!


Industry Intelligence at Your Fingertips

As the platform of choice for thousands of global brands across all verticals, we have quality data that no one else has. And we have a lot of it! Published on Junction, our annual reports make CJ’s wealth of data and insights accessible to all—whether you’re a CJ client or not.

Layer that with our powerful Competitive Benchmarking suite available in platform to CJ advertisers, and it's easier than ever to have your finger on the pulse of how the industry is performing—and how your brand measures up.

Q4 Shopping Weekly Benchmarks

Publicly available to all and updated weekly during the Q4 shopping period, our Q4 Weekly Shopping Benchmarks report on Junction provides advertisers, agencies, and publishers with comparative data to benchmark against sector and product categories. Interactive charts allow for flexible viewing, filtering, and downloading and provide instant visibility into category, country, product-level, and sector-specific performance data. The most recent report has data for Q4 2022 as well as comparative data for years 2021, 2020, and 2019.

Competitive Benchmarking

Insights > Advanced Analysis > Competitive Benchmarking

Advertisers and Agencies
How does your brand performance stack up against others in your industry? Get clarity on where your brand is over and underperforming with our groundbreaking Competitive Benchmarking dashboard, available on demand in CJ's Insights platform. 

Simply select the category you’d like to compare your performance against, customize the information you want to view, and how you’d like to view it. Dive into KPIs like Revenue, Clicks, Effective Commission Rate, AOV, and more. You can view data over any historical time period, filter data by publisher, publisher classification, customer country, device types, and browsers, and view dashboards with the flexibility of index, scaled, or cumulative trends.

This report is a fantastic research tool that reveals top-performing practices and strategies from top leaders in your category so you can improve your efforts, make better investments—and ultimately—gain market share.

Travel Intelligence Report

Understand the current demand for travel and where the industry is headed in a post-pandemic future. The 2022 Travel Intelligence Report on Junction provides a complete interactive view of the many sectors in the world of travel, so you can examine the ups and downs of the industry from the affiliate channel viewpoint, including booking trends, trip durations, top travel destinations, and more. Explore trends in various lines of business including hospitality, automobile, tourism, and air travel.


Dive Deeper into your Program Metrics with Insights

In addition to Competitive Benchmarking, there's so much more to discover in our Insights platform:

Program Overview & Performance

Insights > Program Overview | Insights > Performance
For advertisers, publishers, and agencies alike, achieving optimal ROI starts with an actionable view of key performance indicators. The Program Overview and Performance dashboards in the Insights platform are your go-to solution for in-depth period-over-period analysis, quick data visualization, and flexible data views by year into things like Product Categories, Promotional Model, and Coupon Codes.

You can even review performance pre and post-corrections to better anticipate spend thanks to a new filter for Net/Gross Correction Rate.


Peak Shopping & Holiday Analysis

Insights > Advanced Analysis > Peak Shopping & Holiday

Whether you're an advertiser, agency, or publisher, our Peak Shopping & Holiday Analysis dashboard is the perfect place to begin when you want to dive into your performance for Q4 or any holiday or peak shopping period. This dashboard gives a unique visual to your metrics for the days before and after the shopping event selected and includes YOY comparisons and multiple filtering options. Date logic has been applied on the back end, so you spend less time trying to figure out how to align dates each year, and more time analyzing data.


Affiliate Customer Journey

Insights > Customer Analysis > Affiliate Customer Journey

Advertisers and Agencies
Understanding how shoppers are interacting with your affiliate partners and which promotional models they’re engaging with is crucial to your overall affiliate strategy. Affiliate Customer Journey reporting gives you real-time, on-demand visibility into the value each affiliate partner is generating throughout various stages of the purchase journey to inform your investment strategy.

See which publishers enter the purchase journey early, which ones are trusted contributors to product research, and which publishers help close the deal in the decision stage. View revenue, AOV, and total transactions per journey type and by publisher, enabling you to measure successful paths by several key metrics beyond conversions.

Publishers have full visibility into the customer journey through CJ to determine how shoppers are interacting and engaging with their affiliate efforts at various stages of the purchase journey. Partner Contribution allows you to view your participation by journey type or partner with aggregated data by action, AOV, or revenue. Use Common Paths to see your most common single and multi-partner journeys, and more!


Cross Channel Journey

Insights > Customer Analysis > Cross Channel Journey

Advertisers and Agencies
While Affiliate Customer Journey focuses solely on the affiliate channel, Cross Channel Journey encompasses the entire shopper’s journey across multiple marketing channels so you can see the full picture and measure all touchpoints—whether or not they resulted in a purchase.

Explore metrics such as Total Journeys (Converted Journeys + Non-Converting Journeys), Journey Conversion Rate (Converted Journeys / Total Journeys), Revenue per Journey (Revenue / Total Journeys), and more! CJ’s Universal tag is the fuel behind this dashboard’s rich data and comprehensive detail.  


New, Lapsed, Return Analysis

Insights > Customer Analysis > New, Lapsed, Return

Advertisers and Agencies
Powered by CJ’s Integration Suite, the New, Lapsed, Return dashboard enables segment-level analysis across new, lapsed, and return customer segments. This powerful dashboard gives you insight into your customer segment performance, program-level segment performance, and how your publisher partners are driving purchase behavior for key metrics so you can plan for efficient investment across all segments of the customer lifecycle. You must pass the Customer Status parameter to gain access to this report.


CJ continues to evolve and bring transformative, actionable, and on-demand data solutions that change the conversation and elevate strategic growth opportunities.

Ready to level up your affiliate program?


Insights provides actionable data on demand in an intuitive, streamlined and easy-to-use platform to help you identify where to take action for your program.

Affiliate Customer Journey

Affiliate Customer Journey analysis provides visibility into customer shopping behavior and unlocks the full value of the affiliate channel and affiliate partnerships.

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