CJ Launches the Industry’s First On-Demand Competitive Benchmarking Suite

Dec 8, 2022
Written by CJ

Data is powerful—the right data answers important questions, informs strategy, and inspires new ideas. But what if you had data and insights at your fingertips that could take things even further?

What if the data you have access to could change the conversation entirely? We’re thrilled to announce the launch of one of our most groundbreaking data solutions to date: Competitive Benchmarking, available on demand to all CJ advertisers.


Data that Changes the Conversation

CJ is uniquely positioned to deliver such a powerful benchmarking analysis—with thousands of advertisers from all major verticals and over 100k active publishers, we have high-quality data that no one else has. And we have a lot of it.  

Pair this unparalleled treasure trove of usable data with a data science team that truly understands our clients and their questions—and you’ve transformed a simple data point into a full-blown action plan.


If You Have a Question, We Can Answer It

This game-changing data answers essential business questions that you can’t answer anywhere else. CJ’s Benchmarking solution can identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and competitive advantages.

Here are just some of the important questions you can answer with CJ’s Competitive Benchmarking:

  • Category: How is my business doing compared to my category? Am I outperforming in AOV, conversion rate, or revenue?
  • Publisher: How is publisher A performing in my program compared to advertisers in my category?
  • Publisher Promotional Model: How are my influencer partners performing compared to my category?
  • Customer Global Regions: How does my performance in different countries compare to competitors?
  • Customer Countries: How is the market performing for competitors in countries where we’re expanding, and how are we comparing now?
  • International Publishers: We recently partnered with a publisher with reach in a new market, how is performance trending compared to other advertisers in my category?
  • Indexed Growth: How fast is performance growing in certain regions or with certain publisher models for my competitors? How does that compare to my performance?
  • Historical Performance: How has my program performed year over year comparatively?
  • YOY Change: Compared to last year, how is my category trending? Was the spike in performance a result of seasonal trends or due to a special promotion?
  • Publisher Comparisons: Compared to this time last year, what is the percent growth/decline of the publisher promotional models in my program? Does this look different for my competitors?​
  • Device Types: Has there been a shift in performance on mobile devices? How do device trends vary for my competitors?

To get started, check out Benchmarking in Insights under Advanced Analysis. Select the category you’d like to compare your performance against, customize the information you want to view, and how you’d like to view it. Dive into KPI such as Revenue, Clicks, Effective Commission Rate, AOV, and more. You can view data over any historical time period, filter data by publisher, publisher classification, customer country, device types, and browsers, and view dashboards with the flexibility of index, scaled, or cumulative trends.


CJ continues to evolve and bring transformative, actionable, and on-demand data solutions that change the conversation and elevate strategic growth opportunities.

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