Cross Channel Customer Journey is Key to Proving How Affiliate Amplifies All Marketing

Nov 1, 2022
Written by CJ

When quantitative data on customer behavior is missing, it’s all too easy to fill that information gap with perceptions that may be untrue. The result? Funky decisions, missed opportunities, and lost revenue, oh my.

That’s why CJ is on a mission to unlock the right data in the right context—to maximize marketing outcomes and allow brands to tap into the amplification value affiliate has across all marketing efforts.


Introducing Cross Channel Customer Journey, Powered by CJ’s Universal Tag

CJ’s new Cross Channel Customer Journey analysis is the only analysis of its kind in market that presents the full picture of shopping journeys across marketing channels, measuring all touchpoints prior to purchase—and it’s available to all CJ advertisers, on demand.

But wait…there’s more! Cross Channel Customer Journey analysis isn’t limited to just purchases—you can also analyze all touchpoints involved in a shopping journey that didn’t result in a sale.


What KPIs are included in CJ’s Cross Channel Customer Journey analysis?

The winning combination of Converting and Non-Converting Journeys allows advertisers and agencies to explore metrics such as:

  • Total Journeys (Converted Journeys + Non-Converting Journeys)
  • Journey Conversion Rate (Converted Journeys / Total Journeys)
  • Revenue per Journey (Revenue / Total Journeys)

Understand Journeys by:
Revenue per Journey
Average order value
Journey conversion rate
Click to action conversion rate
Filter Journey data by:
Channel / Promotional Model
Channel / Partner
Conversion Path Type
Journey Type


Understand how Affiliate Amplifies Other Channels to Drive Better Outcomes

Cross Channel Customer Journey data can help advertisers and agencies understand how affiliate’s involvement in customer journeys can increase AOV, conversion rate, and overall growth.

Here are some of the burning questions you can answer with this data:

  • Do journeys that touch affiliate convert more often? Do they have higher AOVs? 

  • Do other channels help drive value for affiliate? Where is there synergy and opportunity in marketing messages? 

  • Do certain publisher models contribute to purchasing outcomes in other channels?

  • How do KPIs change when an affiliate partner drives the purchase, and another channel is in the Discovery or Evaluation phase?

The proof is in the numbers—when affiliate is in the mix, the outcomes are better. Let’s take a look at a couple of examples:


Affiliate Increases Conversion Rates | Luxury Clothing Brand





Social Channel Solo Journey
Social + Retargeting Journey
Social + Affiliate Journey


  • By leveraging our Cross Channel Customer Journey insights report, we can see that the customers of a luxury clothing brand that only interacted with Social converted at a rate of .8%.

  • A common strategy for a brand is to leverage retargeting efforts to elevate that conversion rate. When we look at customer journeys that have both Social and Retargeting as touchpoints in their path to purchase, they convert at 2.9%.

  • Finally, if we take a look at customers that interacted with Social and Affiliate on their path to purchase, they convert at a rate of 4.6%.


Affiliate Increases AOV | Home & Network Services Brand





Direct to Site Solo Journey
Paid Search Solo Journey
Paid Search + Affiliate Journey


  • In this example, a home and network services brand has an AOV of $75 when consumers come direct to site.

  • However, when shoppers go through the single touchpoint of Paid Search, their AOV lifts to $101.

  • For journeys that have both Paid Search and Affiliate as touchpoints, their AOV increases to $111.

That extra $10, combined with the extra sales affiliate drives with the conversion rate lift, increases ROAS for paid search campaigns, and elevates overall outcomes.


The Right Data in the Right Context—at Your Fingertips

CJ’s Universal Tag provides tracking integrity on all browsers with cookie restrictions and unlocks immense customer and program data analysis opportunities—including Incrementality Analysis and Cross Channel Customer Journey. Get ready to make smarter decisions than ever before and level up your affiliate program.

Interested in upgrading your integration? Reach out to your CJ team or contact us.


Insights provides actionable data on demand in an intuitive, streamlined and easy-to-use platform to help you identify where to take action for your program.

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