What if Affiliate Wasn't Just a Channel?

Oct 27, 2022
Written by CJ

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Affiliate is traditionally viewed as a standalone marketing channel, but it’s actually so much more—we touch consumers in ways that amplify brands’ online and offline marketing across channels.

In this groundbreaking session from CJU22, CJ's SVPs of Client Development explore a new way of looking at affiliate’s big-time value that addresses the opportunity to clearly define our channel as the place where marketers bridge measurement gaps, achieve collaboration, and create connections. 

"Affiliate is not just a channel. Affiliate is the Channel of Channels. I don’t mean that in the sense that affiliate is the biggest or best channel. It should be--and it is.

Rather, I’d like to challenge us to change the mindset that affiliate is a channel made of partners that steal credit at the last minute. Or that we need to stay in our lane and defer to the other standard marketing channels.

We don’t have a lane! We're the freeway customers drive on during their path to purchase."

- Sommer Urias, SVP of Client Development, CJ

Get ready to feel empowered to advocate the added value affiliate brings to help all channels meet their goals!

In this video: Sommer Urías, SVP of Client Development, CJ and Amalia Thomas, SVP of Client Development, CJ


Watch this video to learn:

  • Why your value as an affiliate manager is so much greater than meeting your assigned channel KPIs and acquisition goals
  • How affiliate can amplify the outcomes of other channels' existing efforts
  • Creative ways that affiliate can partner with other channels to address headwinds they may be facing in this new climate


CJU22 was held in Santa Barbara, CA on September 12-15, 2022. To learn more about CJU, visit

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