Dive Deeper into Program Performance with Insights

Jan 16, 2020
Written by Carissa Payne

CJ's Insights reporting dashboard displays your program data in a way that makes it easy to recognize trends and identify the partners, time frames, creative, links, and offers that are contributing to those trends.

The customizable period over period view makes it simple to use Insights for your weekly and monthly trend reporting, as well as to identify partners to optimize during peak periods like Q4.


Getting Started

Insights can be found in your CJ Account Manager in the top navigation under the Insights tab. You can also access Insights on your mobile device to review program performance on the go.

Various KPIs and filters allow you to customize and generate a plethora of reports. The KPI gauges include Revenue, Publisher Commissions, Clicks, Action, AOV, ROAS, Conversion Rate, Performance Based Investment, Effective Commission Rate, and Cost Per Action. Not only does Insights allow you to generate performance data for these KPIs, but it also makes this data available via graphs to visually identify trends and successful campaigns.

Hover over each gauge to see details and KPI totals for a specific date within the selected date range, as well as the totals for the date range you selected, with a visual overlay of comparison data. This new comparison view improves upon our classic performance reporting, allowing for a streamlined and efficient method of manipulating data to create the comparison views you need. It's now much easier to see at a glance if your program is on a growth or decline trend, and quickly identify where you need to take action.


Expand Gauges to Reveal Deeper Insights

The gauges within Insights can be expanded to see the data for each KPI in more detail, showing your daily peaks and valleys. Within this expanded view, you can also find additional performance details for a KPI in the Top Performing section, located just below the graph.

Another helpful feature of Insights are the Rank and Percent Change columns, which appear for all Top Performing selections. This section shows individual publisher performance data and how the performance has changed period over period, shown by their rank and the percent change. Looking through the percent change column, you can quickly identify partners who are significantly growing or declining and impacting the overall performance of your program.


Layer Filters to Create Custom Reports

There are currently over 10 filters to layer onto the performance reporting to help you drill down into your data (with even more filters scheduled for release in 2020!).

You can use each filter separately or combine two or more filters to review performance for a specific campaign. For example, say you have provided a publisher partner with an exclusive code to promote on their mobile app. Review performance by setting the partner filter to that publisher, the device filter to mobile, the coupon filter to the exclusive code, and the action filter to the mobile app, creating a completely customizable and unique performance report for this campaign.

With the visual graphs, expandable data, and filters, Insights provides an easy, yet in-depth way to review performance trends and reporting views that can help identify which publishers contribute to those trends. Using Insights for your performance reporting needs can help not only tell the story of why your program is trending the way it is, but also help you to determine which campaigns are working, reveal new partner opportunities, and dial into an overall strategy going forward.


What are you waiting for—dive in! To access the Insights platform, click the “Insights” tab in your CJ Account Manager or navigate to

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Insights provides actionable data on demand in an intuitive, streamlined and easy-to-use platform to help you identify where to take action for your program.

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