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Cross-Device Offers a New View into Affiliate Performance

February 27, 2018

To date, over 1,000 of our Advertisers have enabled Cross-Device tracking, resulting in hundreds of thousands of orders tracked and millions of dollars in Advertiser sales and Publisher commissions. Check out the below infographic to see how you can  capture sales that originate on one device or browser and conclude on another.


Jose Arvide's picture
Jose Arvide (not verified)
March 1, 2018
Any sales tool helps; Thank you.
Nicolás's picture
Nicolás (not verified)
March 2, 2018
So, if an user starts his research in his smartphone and conclude the sale in his desktop, the affiliate loses his commission unless the user start again the reaserch from the affiliate website. That can happen the 68% of the 50% of the times. Am I wrong? Thank you anyway for the post.
CJ Affiliate's picture
March 5, 2018
Actually, the affiliate would still get the commission because the core tracking still exists, it just now is able to track across devices. In your proposed scenario, as long as the purchase is made within the advertisers referral period, the affiliate will get the commission.
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