Black Friday period: European consumers spending more than ever

1 Dec, 2017
Written by Richard Burns

Across Europe, early data from CJ Affiliate shows that the 2017 Black Friday period has been stronger than ever, with revenue increasing by over 50%, orders by one-third, and average order value by 15%.
Comparing the 2016 and 2017 eight-day period from the Monday preceding Black Friday through to Cyber Monday, revenue throughout Europe on the CJ network increased 51%.
Order numbers during the Black Friday period in Europe increased by 32%, while the average order value increased by 15%.
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Black Friday: Firmly established, yet still growing

"It seems that while the concept of Black Friday has been an established feature of the European retail calendar in recent years, this year has seen even greater adoption of the discount period,” explains Owen Hancock, Head of Strategy for Europe at CJ Affiliate. "Comparing European and US on-the-day Black Friday results, the rate of increase is more pronounced in Europe than in the US, where the concept of Black Friday discounts has been established for longer."
On Black Friday specifically, network-wide revenue in Europe increased by 59% in 2017, compared to 38% in the US. Number of orders increased by 42% in Europe and 24% in the US, while average order value increased by 12% in both Europe and the US.
CJ Affiliate - throughout the Black Friday period in Europe, revenues have increased
"While Cyber Monday remains an important part of the discount period and continued to increase in terms of revenue and orders this year, it appears the continued trend of retailers commencing their Black Friday discounts earlier in the week is resulting in slower-paced increases on Cyber Monday,” continues Hancock.
Europe-wide, Cyber Monday revenue increased by 39%, while orders increased by 12% and average order value increased by 25%.

Black Friday 2017: Increasing order values translating to record publisher commissions

Throughout the eight-day Black Friday period, record average order values have understandably translated into record affiliate publisher commissions, which increased by 88% year-on-year for the eight-day Black Friday period.
CJ Affiliate - European average order values increase across Europe during the Black Friday period
“Consumers are spending more per order than in previous years, making the Black Friday period an even more highly profitable time for both advertisers and publishers on the CJ network throughout Europe,” says Hancock.
“The trend for retailers commencing their discount periods earlier and earlier each year has resulted in a more even spread of revenue throughout the Black Friday period. Unlike the US, the European Black Friday period isn’t anchored around a specific day - Thanksgiving in the US. As such, this is a trend I expect to see more of in the future, as retailers start their discount periods earlier in order to maximise potential and give themselves more time to respond to fluctuations in demand."
Download the 2017 Holiday Intelligence Report for indepth insight on last year's peak period, and receive the upcoming 2018 Holiday Intelligence Report.
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