Product Discovery, Improved! CJ's New Product Search API

2 Jun, 2020
Written by CJ

It’s an ongoing mission at CJ to improve everyday operations for our advertisers and publishers and to provide richer data sets to optimize partnerships and grow revenue.

Last year, we completed a network-wide migration to our new Shopping Feed and Travel & Experience Product Feed formats that standardised product-level data for advertisers and publishers. As a result of that project, we’re now pleased to announce the exciting launch of our new state-of-the-art Product Search API—built on the robust data infrastructure laid by our industry-standardised product feeds.

We designed these tools to help publishers easily enrich site content for the most optimal consumer experience, discover new products that align with promotional style and content, and improve organic search rankings.

The New Product Search API Includes:

  • Complete Data: A variety of product feed field details, with support for CJ Shopping feed and Travel & Experience feed specifications.
  • Expanded Functionality: Query more often with reduced caps, plus increased search and filtering functionality across a variety of data points.
  • Flexible and User-Friendly Design: Support for user-specified queries. Now you only need to request fields you’re interested in. Just want the common fields between both of our feed templates? Use our product query type.
  • Data Portability: Advertisers can use the API to pull and QA their own product data against internal or third-party databases or marry product details to commission details for richer insights and analysis.

This exciting release puts powerful and bountiful standardised product data directly into the hands of advertisers and publishers, and sets the stage for more innovative releases in the coming months. Visit our Developer Portal to learn more. If you’re interested in becoming an Innovation Partner for this API and many more on the horizon, please contact us.

CJ’s Developer Portal: Easy Access to Rich Data and Integration Resources

As part of our shift to data centrality, transparency, and accessibility for our clients, we launched CJ’s Developer Portal. It’s a public community for developers, and a single stop for clients’ data integrations needs. Here you can find everything from website integration and data import documentation to detailed GraphQL API references, including specs for the following recent releases: Commission Detail API, Product Search API and the new Promotional Properties API (our first write API for publishers).

Stay tuned for updates on new additions to the library and contact us if there’s an API you’d like to see!

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