CJ's 2022 GPMA Wins Highlight the Importance of Partnerships & Platform

18 Oct, 2022
Written by CJ

CJ took home two accolades at the 2022 Global Performance Marketing Awards (GPMAs) winning High Commendation for Best Innovation and the top prize for the Together - We Solved That! award alongside key partners Expedia Group and Button. 

The sixth annual GPMAs, hosted by industry thought leader, PerformanceIN, showcase the industry’s most innovative and groundbreaking campaigns, companies, and individuals. Winners were announced at the Global Performance Marketing Awards ceremony in London, UK on October 17, 2022.

Read on to learn more about the winning entries.


Together - We Solved That!

Winner: CJ, Expedia Group and Button: Travel Recovery with the Tap of a Button

As we all know, the travel industry faced an unprecedented market disruption beginning in 2020, and achieving growth necessitated an innovative approach. During the pandemic, aside from mass cancellations and low booking volume, one issue that arose was that even the most loyal travel app users were removing their apps., a part of the Expedia Group (EG) family of travel brands, became interested in how they could leverage Button’s mobile tracking solution through CJ to regain those valuable customers and ensure the most optimised conversions while properly rewarding publishers and customers. 

As an early investor and believer in the value of mobile tracking and optimisation, launched in-app tracking via CJ leveraging universal linking and after significant A/B testing in conjunction with Button, it was determined that Button’s technology through optimisation and enhanced tracking contributed to a significant conversion increase in mobile traffic. The app is crucial to the customer journey, and Button’s solution helps make the customer, brand, and publisher journey more seamless. 

Through straightforward integration, CJ helped to launch Button PostTap for Expedia US with such success that the team expanded the partnership with Button globally to all Expedia,, and Travelocity programs. In order to recoup some of those lost customers and begin to rebound post-pandemic, both teams knew it was critical to expand our partnership with Button across other Expedia Group brands and globally across all regions. 

"A very interesting solution for a serious problem in the travel industry. Huge kudos to the teams for a collaboration that was so successful that it was rolled out across all brands.”

- 2022 GPMA Judges Comment



Best Innovation

Highly Commended: Strategic Partnerships Enrich CJ's Recruit Partner Tool

Ongoing publisher recruitment is essential to sustainable growth in the affiliate channel. As a network and a home to thousands of prospective partners, it’s our job to make the important matchmaking piece of program management both efficient and effective. That's where CJ's Recruit Partners platform comes in - to free up valuable time and energy for our clients to make the real magic happen.

We've continued to enrich the Recruit Partners experience through strategic partnerships with third-party data providers, including award-winning enterprise influencer marketing platform, CreatorIQ (CIQ), and digital intelligence provider, SimilarWeb. These partnerships offer a multi-layered approach that allows advertisers and publishers alike to benefit from increased social discovery and opportunity, as well as to power even more site metrics than ever before.

One of the most exciting pieces of this partnership is the integration of CreatorIQ’s rich influencer data with CJ’s platform which allows all publishers to authenticate their social media handles - pulling audience metrics, audience profiles, and social following directly into the CJ platform for all network advertisers to access, search, and filter in our on-demand Recruit Partners tool.


Cheers to a great night and congrats to all the 2022 GPMA winners!

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