See the Full Picture with SimilarWeb Metrics in Recruit Partners

Jun 8, 2022
Written by CJ

CJ is on a mission to make it easier than ever to find the right partners, which is why we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve joined forces with SimilarWeb to populate third-party website metrics on-demand in the CJ platform—enabling greater transparency, discoverability, and growth for our advertisers, agencies, and publishers.

Recruitment Metrics Keep Getting Better and Better

We know that sustainable growth starts with the ability to discover new, quality prospects that align with the ever-evolving program needs and business goals of your brand. We’re actively making enhancements to CJ’s Recruit Partners solution to provide advertisers and agencies with the most comprehensive performance metrics and in-platform discovery tools that allow for swift, data-driven decisions about the tens of thousands of publishers in our network.

Last year, a series of releases, powered by the leading provider in content and influencer data, Creator IQ, integrated key social metrics of authenticated publisher accounts into CJ’s Recruit Partners UI. This gave brands significant transparency into the reach and performance of an affiliate’s social influence.

Today, discovering, expanding, and diversifying your affiliate programs just got easier with our latest release in Recruit Partners. In collaboration with SimilarWeb, the market leader in digital website data and intelligence, CJ is unveiling a new breadth of third-party performance insights to give brands greater transparency into a publisher’s performance across the web. New publishers are now discoverable by their website, social, and affiliate program details, giving advertisers a holistic evaluation of a candidate’s offerings in seconds.


Level Up Partner Evaluation with SimilarWeb Data

Assess any discoverable publisher across industry, channel, device, or location to build more diverse, strategic partnerships in the CJ network. Find and expand into new persona types using data-driven decisions. Move past social performance and evaluate candidates based on various web properties such as industry rank, unique monthly website visitors, and global audience reach.



New Metrics in Your Discovery Journey
  • Last Month’s Total Visitors give an accurate and current view of a publisher’s website traffic
  • Device Distribution and Last Month’s Unique Desktop/Mobile Visitors provide insight into audience device preferences and usage
  • Industry, Industry Rank, and Top 5 Geo Distribution allow you to understand a publisher’s global reach and industry power. Use these insights to expand your global reach or expand into new industries with similar audiences

Important Notes for Advertisers & Agencies

Successful programs actively recruit and discover new partners that align with business goals and objectives.

  • Find candidates in Recruit Partners by filtering through Website Property Reach or sorting by Unique visitors.
  • Remember, bigger doesn't always mean better! View Top Matching Properties for a quick overview, and explore All Properties for the most extensive view on the Overview and Properties tab.
  • Diversify your programs to expand your customer base. Try various tactics like tapping into publishers with an expanded global reach or testing new affiliate models.


Benefits for Publishers

This update benefits publishers by strengthening your Network Profile with added website metrics and ensuring that publishers who are new to CJ are easily discoverable based on their overall opportunity.

Here’s how it works:
  • View your own website metrics by clicking on Account > Network Profile > View Profile.
  • Your website engagement metrics appear in your network profile, even if you don’t yet have CJ Performance, so brands can see the size of the opportunity you represent.
  • You don’t need to authenticate or “own” your individual properties for SimilarWeb numbers to appear in your profile, HOWEVER you can make your profile more robust and appealing by authenticating with Google Analytics.
  • Make sure to update your Network Profile so you’re more attractive to brands!


Recruitment just leveled up—explore these new enhancements to Recruit Partners today!

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