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Aug 23, 2021
Written by CJ

CJ’s partnership with CreatorIQ is in full bloom—CJ clients can now harness CreatorIQ’s unparalleled social reach metrics through CJ’s Recruit Partners UI. This highly anticipated release allows publishers to showcase their social media reach metrics and makes it easier for advertisers to create social media-focused recruitment campaigns.

Each registered social media property will display audience reach, spanning the major social platforms (Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, etc.) for easy assessment of total social influence across all channels.


Streamlined Discovery for Advertisers

Advertisers can easily understand the full value of potential social partners without guesswork—no more jumping down Google rabbit holes to find optimal partners or using third-party tools to evaluate publishers’ social media presence. Your CJ account gives you direct access to a data-backed, intuitive process for inviting publishers with social media followers into your affiliate program. Filter your partner keyword searches by Property Type > Social to see reach by registered property.


Optimal Discoverability for Publishers

All publishers, from content creators to coupon sites—even those new to the CJ Network—can now feel confident knowing that CJ brands have a full picture of their reach across social media platforms. Make the most of this new feature and ensure that you look your best for prospective advertisers by registering all of your social handles and completing a compelling Network Profile. To view your reach metrics, head to Network Profile > View Profile.


A Partnership Between Industry Leaders

CreatorIQ is the industry leader in creator intelligence platforms. Named “the highest performing pure-play in-house influencer platform” by Forrester, they’ve received numerous industry accolades including top awards at the 2020 Influencer Marketing Awards for Best Relationship Tool, Best Campaign Planning and Management Tool, and Industry Choice of Technology or SaaS.

CJ and CreatorIQ partnered in February of 2021 to marry the power of CIQ’s real-time reach, audience, and engagement data across social platforms with CJ publisher profiles and performance data to better inform campaign opportunities and find the very best publishers to meet your goals. This enhancement is the first of several installments designed to further perfect partnering through CJ. Stay tuned for news on more exciting developments already in the works!


Recruit Publishers with Social Reach with Ease

With other digital players now exploring in-house affiliate programs, partnership management for content creators stands to get exponentially more complex—especially for creators with a presence across many channels. Our platform allows you to easily identify content creators that are the right fit for your brand and seamlessly work with them to meet and exceed KPIs. Combined with deep data assets that help you measure and benchmark the success of these partnerships, and strategic expertise that aligns these programs with larger business goals, CJ delivers scale, quality, expertise, and transparency for your influencer marketing programs.

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