Your 3 Step Formula to Achieve & Measure High ROI Influencer Partnerships

Apr 20, 2021
Written by CJ

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There’s a simple equation for achieving more with your influencer partnerships and making them the high-ROI campaigns of your dreams.

In this webinar, Corinne Travis, CJ's Director of Influencer and Brand Partnerships, Bhavin Desai of CreatorIQ, and creator Jess Keys (The Golden Girl) discuss the important data-led practices for finding audiences with an affinity for your products and the measurement strategies that’ll help you scale campaigns that account for all parties: influencers, customers, and brands.

In this video: Corinne Travis, Director of Influencer & Brand Partnerships at CJ Affiliate; Bhavin Desai, VP of Product Strategy at CreatorIQ; and Jess Keys, Content Creator at The Golden Girl.

This webinar was originally held on Thursday, April 8th, 2021 in partnership with Affiliate Summit.


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