Insights from the 6th Edition of CJ Fashion Afternoon, Powered by CJU

11 Jun, 2024
Written by CJ

The 6th edition of the Fashion Afternoon, powered by CJU, brought together more than 120 attendees in the iconic and elegant Salons Hoche in Paris.

The event featured a series of insightful sessions exploring the rapidly evolving landscapes of the luxury industry, growth in APAC, and innovative content strategies. Here, we bring you the key takeaways from three standout sessions: Stéphanie Jolivot’s keynote on “Cool Kids and Gang | Cool Luxury”, Siddharth Puri’s market vision session on “Exploring APAC as a Velocity Market of Growth” and an engaging panel discussion on “The Power of Content Beyond the Upper Funnel.”


Stéphanie Jolivot’s Keynote:

“Cool Kids and Gang | Cool Luxury”


Overall key points:

Stéphanie Jolivot, Managing Director of Business Intelligence Luxe at Publicis Media, provided deep insights into the shifting paradigms of luxury markets, particularly influenced by Generation Z:

Cultures: Stéphanie highlighted how Generation Z is redefining the essence of luxury, prioritising authenticity and experiences over traditional symbols of wealth and status. Generation Z values emotional connections and brand elevation in their luxury experiences. They gravitate towards brands that tell compelling stories and create immersive experiences that resonate with their diverse cultural identities.

Consciences: Gen Z goes beyond consumerism, viewing luxury as a platform for advocacy and positive change. They insist on ethical responsibility, considering it non-negotiable for luxury brands. They expect brands to align with their values and demonstrate a genuine commitment to social and environmental causes. Generation Z's conscience-driven approach to luxury underscores the imperative for brands to embrace ethical commitments and actively contribute to creating a more sustainable and equitable world.

Connections: The key to capturing Generation Z's attention lies in fostering a deep connection. Gen Z dominates with their penchant for interactive personalised experiences and exclusive drops. Brands must innovate and adapt to meet the dynamic demands of this tech-savvy demographic.


Siddhart Puri’s Keynote:

“Exploring APAC as a Velocity Market of Growth”


Overall key points:

With a staggering 2.5 billion internet users, the Asia Pacific region is set to become the next powerhouse of e-commerce. Here's why this market is a goldmine for brands and consumers:

Increased shelves: The explosion of buying and selling platforms means more choices for consumers and new access points for brands. The digital marketplace is thriving with endless possibilities.

Higher penetration: APAC has witnessed a remarkable threefold increase in brands and consumers. This surge reflects a burgeoning market ready to embrace diverse products and innovations.

Borderless growth: Personalised selling strategies and niche targeting are driving growth beyond traditional markets. Cross-border shopping is booming, with consumers eager to explore and purchase from global brands.

Regional highlights:

China: Reigning supreme in fashion shopping, China has surpassed the US and Europe, becoming the ultimate fashion destination.

Hong Kong & Taiwan: These fashion-forward markets are seeing brands develop unique go-to-market strategies to capture the local flair.

Southeast Asia (SEA): The borders are blurring, leading to "shopcations" where consumers flock to Singapore and Malaysia for their shopping sprees.


Panel: “The Power of Content Beyond the Upper Funnel”

  • Stefania Bressan, Mytheresa
  • Laura Cannavale, LuisaViaRoma
  • Jade Ephgrave, Sainsbury’s
  • Dunia Silan, Skimlinks
  • Moderator: Eleonora Sparaciari, CJ
Overall key points:

Content's crucial role: content emerged as a critical component in fashion marketing, transcending its traditional upper-funnel role to become a powerful driver of demand and engagement, particularly for luxury brands. Content creates desire, engages audiences effectively, and positions products strategically.

Integration and alignment: It's important to align content strategies with broader marketing efforts. Integrating content initiatives with PR, display, and other channels ensures a cohesive brand message and maximises impact. Transparent communication and early planning facilitate seamless execution and optimise content effectiveness.

Adaptation to changing landscape: as the marketing landscape evolves, brands must adapt their content strategies to meet new challenges. The impending demise of third-party cookies underscores the need to prioritise first-party data and leverage content as a means of audience engagement and data collection.

Why this is important:

In an increasingly competitive fashion landscape, where consumer expectations are evolving rapidly, a robust content strategy serves as a cornerstone for brand success. Quality content not only drives brand awareness but also cultivates lasting relationships with audiences, fostering loyalty and driving conversions. By integrating content seamlessly into broader marketing efforts and adapting to emerging trends, brands can stay ahead of the curve and maintain relevance in a dynamic marketplace.

Interested in attending The Fashion Afternoon, powered by CJU, in 2025? Reach out to your CJ account team!

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