Learn What's Inside the 2024 Performance Marketing Toolkit

7 Mar, 2024
Written by CJ

We released our 2024 European Performance Marketing Toolkit, a guide to some of the most important changes and trends we will see in our industry and how Marketers can capitalise on them.


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Here’s a short summary of some of what you’ll find.  

Top Trends 

The guide is built around five key “megatrends” that you can turn to your advantage with the right strategy and tools. These include: 

Emerging Partner Types: At CJ, we are strong advocates for identifying new partners – our clients drive 60% of their program revenue from partners they recruited after they began working with us, and program growth rates are twice as high for advertisers with a strategic partner recruitment strategy. But the key word there is strategic – by understanding the highest potential publisher classes and individual publishers, advertisers focus their resources on the greatest potential opportunities.  

In the guide, you’ll learn why we think
1) on-site tech partners focused on conversion optimisation,
2) employer and affinity-based loyalty programmes,
3) online-offline app partners are great bets for 2023.

You’ll also gain insight into four types of partnerships driving modest revenue now but are poised to grow significantly in the years ahead. 

New Buying Models and Opportunities: European brands know that GDPR and cookie deprecation have made finding and engaging brand prospects more challenging. As brands look for new strategies to grow top-of-funnel, next-generation Lead Generation solutions are poised to become important parts of many advertisers’ performance strategies. Download the guide to learn how CJ and others have created a Lead Generation solution that is scalable, privacy compliant, and outstanding drivers of high-quality prospects.  

If Lead Generation has been part of your playbook in the past, learn what to look for in solutions that will drive more high-quality leads. If you’ve never considered Lead Generation, you’ll learn how and why the buying model and solutions can accelerate customer acquisition in your industry.  

Incrementality and Intelligent Commissioning: Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that incrementality has become a popular industry buzzword. But in 2024, incrementality will be about much more than a hot topic. Many companies and affiliate leaders will take concrete steps to leverage incrementality strategies to improve commissioning and align performance marketing with high-level advertiser objectives.  

For publishers, getting ahead of advertiser incrementality initiatives can help ensure they protect revenue and enhance the value they deliver to their advertiser partners. By working closely with advertisers, they can propose enhancements that elevate the value you bring every day.  

International Affiliate Marketing: Many European advertisers and publishers are expanding internationally to capture more of the ~€6.3T global ecommerce pool. Our guide explains the top three reasons why more advertisers will make affiliate a central part of their expansion strategies.  

International can drive growth for advertisers and publishers, who can leverage their existing relationships to build business in more countries. This is a trend that can be a catalyst for a win-win-win for advertisers, publishers, and the new customers they will serve! 

Influencer Affiliate: Consumers worldwide make millions of daily decisions based on recommendations from trusted experts. High-credibility influencers drive billions of purchases and help great media companies attract huge monetisable audiences.  

Our guide explains how 2024 will be a critical year for influencer programs paid for using performance and hybrid compensation models and how you can leverage this trend to grow your business and raise your profile and importance inside your company.

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