The Billion Euro Customer Journey: Analysing and Optimising Affiliate’s Impact

7 Dec, 2021
Written by CJ

Every customer journey is unique. So, how can advertisers and publishers optimise these journeys to turbo-charge basket value, conversion rates, and commission?

Customer shopping journeys are nonlinear, even messy, before checkout. How do affiliates affect customer journeys and is there an ideal journey brands can strive for?

Filmed live at London's PI Live event in October 2021, CJ's Siobhan Williamson and Alex Graham discuss actionable data and how to implement it to optimise basket value and conversion.


Shopping basket analysis at scale shows the affiliate touchpoints that lead to higher baskets sizes and dramatically higher conversion. Paired with customer journey analysis this brings clarity into the real value that affiliate partners deliver to a brand’s bottom line.

In this on-demand session, hear how a more nuanced and sophisticated view of affiliate value can be assessed by affiliate touchpoints as shoppers discover, assess and evaluate products and brands before purchase.

Watch the on-demand talk to learn:

  • How you can optimise affiliate customer journeys to maximise basket value and basket-to-payment conversion rates.
  • High performing strategies to best influence the customer journey, maximising advertiser sales and publisher commission.
  • An understanding of how Advertisers and Publishers can best collaborate on optimal placements, promotion and campaign strategies.


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