In a year of disruption and change, it feels familiar to focus on and anticipate the collective experience that is the winter holiday shopping season. With so many unknowns related to product preference, demand, and timing of this year’s peak shopping period, CJ Affiliate knows that both advertisers and publishers may need comparative data to understand how their affiliate programs are performing. For this reason, we created the 2020 Q4 Peak Shopping Benchmarks to provide insight into the holiday shopper’s buying activity.

These benchmarks include network-wide, sector-specific, and category-level data to provide visibility into consumer demand each week of November and December 2020. Growth values in this report were factored using pre-correction transactional data for Advertiser programs active in the CJ network since October 1, 2019. The interactive charts allow for flexible viewing, filtering, and downloading. This report was last updated on 1/7/21 for data 11/1/20 through 1/2/21.

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These benchmarks show daily, or weekly actions beginning November 1, 2020 and compared to the same date or week in 2019.

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Key Retail Days 

This chart shows how select key retail days have performed compared to the same date last year. It will be updated to show 2020 volume of actions and YOY difference after each retail day has occurred.

Network Daily YOY 

This chart provides a view of shopping demand in the CJ Affiliate network based on daily YOY actions starting November 1. Move the scroll bar above the graph to view different time periods.

Sector YOY

This chart shows sectors have performed YOY in terms of cumulative performance starting November 1 compared to the same period last year.

Sector YOY by Week 

This chart provides a view of how each sector has performed YOY each week of the peak shopping period beginning November 1. You can toggle to view by a specific sector. If you select "All Sectors" that gives you the full network performance view.

Top Categories YOY 

This chart shows how select categories have performed in terms of cumulative performance starting November 1 compared to the same period last year.

Top Categories WOW 

These charts show the volume of actions for select categories within the Retail, Travel, and Finance sectors respectively, and how these metrics have changed week over week beginning November 1.

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