CJ & CreatorIQ Partner to Elevate Award-Winning Content & Influencer Marketing Solutions

18 Feb, 2021
Written by CJ

CJ continues to push the boundaries of tech and expertise to connect brands worldwide with the full spectrum of content and influencer personas as we have for over a decade.

Whether you want to partner with micro influencers with a small but mighty follower base, celebrity trendsetters with millions of fans, social media creators with engaging vlogs and Instagram stories, or well-known editorial magazines, content commerce, and review sites - CJ’s tech, data, and expertise delivers through scale and reach.

Accelerating Content and Influencer Marketing

Content creators and influencers are focused on editorial content with little time to dedicate to learning complex systems, tracking and reporting. Together, influencer and affiliate marketing make the perfect pair - offering ease, scale, transparency, and efficiency. We’ve built a global platform that offers intuitive solutions and solves for common influencer industry challenges including measurement and tracking, finding new relevant partners, relationship management, payment, invoicing, and taxation. Our robust tracking and reporting solutions include transactions, clicks, impressions, and customer journey data that truly makes influencer marketing measurable and accountable.

CJ’s team dedicated to influencer and content personas is the longest tenured team in affiliate, developing and creating first-to-market solutions like our Content Certified Network and VIP Influencer Campaigns, and spearheading celebrated content workflow tools like the Deep Link Generator. We’ve cultivated an environment where content creators are empowered, comfortable, confident, and supported. From education and opportunities, to intuitive technology, we’ve set influencers and content partners up for success in affiliate, laying the groundwork for stellar partnerships with brands like yours.

Our Strategic Partnership with the Very Best

We’re thrilled to announce the next advancement in the continuous evolution of CJ's content solution - a partnership with award-winning enterprise influencer marketing platform, CreatorIQ. Named “the highest performing pure-play in-house influencer platform” by Forrester, they’ve received numerous industry accolades including top awards at the 2020 Influencer Marketing Awards for Best Relationship Tool, Best Campaign Planning and Management Tool, and Industry Choice of Technology or SaaS.

Our partnership with CreatorIQ will enhance and strengthen our VIP Influencer Campaigns and a platform integration (coming soon!) will give publishers the ability to authenticate their Google Analytics and social media handles - pulling audience metrics, audience profiles, and social following directly into the CJ platform for all network advertisers to access, search, and filter in our on-demand Recruit Partners tool.

VIP Influencer Campaigns Just Got Sweeter

Our dedicated team has years of experience creating and executing highly individualised campaigns for boutique brands, established names, and everything in between - collaborating with brands’ affiliate, social, and PR teams to create strategic content campaigns that align with overarching business goals.

Here’s how our partnership with CreatorIQ will enhance our bespoke influencer campaign solution:

  • Richer data – We’ve always had access to extensive data, but CreatorIQ’s hyper-detailed metrics kick things up a notch. Their real-time reach, audience, and engagement data across all social platforms compound with CJ publisher profiles and performance data to inform campaign casting and find the very best publishers to meet your goals.
  • All the publishers at your fingertips – Out-of-network discovery and recruitment just got smarter. CreatorIQ gives our team access to an AI-powered database with the ability to track and analyse all blogs, websites, and any public social account across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Twitch including over 16 million influencers globally.
  • Active audience score AND audience integrity flags – Partner with the real deal. Audience scoring and integrity flags directly analyse an influencer’s followers to measure activity and authenticity and monitor engagement rate, growth spikes or drops, and country following.
  • Interactive campaign proposals and draft review – See exactly what you need to know in an interactive, visual proposal within the CreatorIQ platform that makes it simple to review, edit, and accept the content creators selected by our team. Proposals include engagement metrics, audience insights, recent posts, followers, and more! Once your campaign is underway, you can review content drafts from your chosen partners directly in the platform with no log-in necessary.
  • Interactive reporting – Based on first-party data, campaign reports are interactive and granular, with deeper insights that drive smarter decisions and influencer strategies. View metrics like verified impressions, reach, engagements, engagement rate, earned/social media value and more in combination with transactional data from CJ reporting (revenue and revenue assist via ACJ, clicks, actions, etc.) plus, easily view and filter on the content associated with campaign performance.

Enhancements to CJ’s Recruit Partners Solution Leveraging CreatorIQ

One of the most exciting pieces of this partnership is using CreatorIQ to enrich CJ publisher profiles in the new Recruit Partners tool, allowing publishers to showcase their full value and help advertisers determine partner quality and growth potential.

  • All CJ publishers will have the ability to authenticate their social and Google Analytics accounts directly into the CJ platform and provide access to performance data including audience metrics, audience profile, and social following.
  • Publishers who have authenticated their accounts will receive a badge that signals to partners that their data has been verified by a trusted source.
  • Authenticated data will be seamlessly pulled into Recruit Partners, where all network advertisers will be able to view and filter to search for new partners. Advertisers will be able to view and filter our whole publisher network, including influencers, using these engagement numbers directly within our self-service platform.
  • Available metrics for verified social and websites include total reach, audience demographics, audience quality/engagement, location/geographic reach, and keywords.

We can’t wait to hear about your additional influencer marketing success and the fruitful partnerships that stem from these enhancements powered by CreatorIQ!

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