CJ's Suite of Solutions to Support GDPR Compliance

May 17, 2018
Written by CJ

The GDPR comes into effect on May 25, 2018. 

With over 96% of our global clients interacting with EU consumers each quarter, we have been hard at work developing a suite of innovative, future-proof solutions to make General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ePrivacy Directive (ePD) compliance easy. The most notable impact to CJ Affiliate clients is our need to obtain unambiguous consent from EU consumers in order for us to drop or read our cookies. As part of our commitment to you, we are excited to announce our suite of innovative solutions designed to manage risk and enable compliant growth—all available at no cost.

On-Click Consent Solution

The On-Click Consent Solution is an integration-free approach to GDPR compliance with an in-context request for CJ consent to track.

Our proprietary technology detects when an EU consumer clicks on a CJ link from a Publisher’s website. We use this opportunity to request consent from the consumer. Once the consumer makes their consent selection, we send them to the Advertiser’s website. This EU consumer-tested solution will be automatically enabled network-wide on May 25th, is offered in all EU languages and is compatible with all devices. Better yet, consent is valid for 13 months. Most consumers will only see this request once and will be trackable web-wide across all CJ clients for more than a year.

screenshot of gdpr on-click consent tool on laptop

All-Purpose Consent Solution

The All-Purpose Consent Solution is an industry-wide solution for proactive consent gathering at scale—for all your vendors.

CJ and Conversant have formed a collaboration with the IAB EU and other AdTech leaders to introduce a consent framework—the IAB EU's Transparency and Consent Framework. The IAB EU framework centralizes consent across major industry players making it easy to understand who has consent and who needs consent.

Leveraging the IAB EU consent framework, we’ve created a proactive consent solution that integrates into your website to detect EU site visitors and requests consent for any vendors you work with. This solution is a perfect option for clients who are seeking consent for multiple vendors.

Interested in learning more? Check out our Junction article for helpful information and request next steps for integration.

screenshot of gdpr all purpose consent tool on laptop

Cookieless Tracking Solution

The Cookieless Tracking solution allows for seamless tracking when consent hasn’t been provided to CJ and when a CJ tracking cookie is not present.

Our Cookieless Tracking Solution, leveraging our proprietary Event ID, preserves tracking even when a CJ tracking cookie isn’t present on a consumer’s browser. This tracking enhancement is compatible with GDPR legal requirements, solves for Apple’s ITP restrictions, and reduces the risk of cookie-loss and missing order inquiries—all while abiding by all program term and referral period settings. This solution works by enabling a new parameter to be appended to each CJ click that you can store on your website and pass back to CJ when a transaction occurs. This simple integration enhancement is available today!

Get started by visiting our Support Center in the CJ Account Manager and clicking Ask a Question to submit an Advertiser Tracking > Integration Change / Update request.

To read about our stance and interpretation of the GDPR and ePD, check out our Junction article

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