Father's Day Key Strategies to Maximize Sales

May 22, 2014
Written by Sandrine Thompson

Father's Day 2014 shopping begins in earnest as soon as the calendar page turns to June. In anticipation, CJ Insights has analyzed the 2013 sales data for trends that can be applied by advertisers and Publishers to make the most of this shopping activity.

Peak Day – June 9

The Monday before a major gifting holiday is consistently the highest grossing day for purchases related to the holiday, and Father's Day is no different. Monday, June 9 will likely be the peak sales day for Father's Day purchases. In anticipation, Publishers should devote efforts and resources to make sure shoppers are exposed to as many Father's Day offers as possible on this day. Priority should go to advertisers selling tools, small electronics, sporting goods, men's apparel and gourmet gifts as these items persistently outsell other items during the week leading up to Father's Day.

Key Strategy: Advertisers paying commissions on gift card purchases should actively promote this in newsletters sent to Publishers--the sooner the better, in order to secure preferential placements in Publisher promotions. Shoppers are more apt to purchase gift cards for Father's Day than Mother's Day, according to a survey.

Top Categories

CJ Network Father's Day 2013



Home & Garden

Consumer Electronics

Department Stores




Gift Guides: Front & Center

Gifting holidays like Father's Day can put a strain on shoppers who want to find the perfect gift, but have no idea what to buy. This is a perfect storm of an opportunity for advertisers to showcase tools that can solve that problem, namely gift guides, product reviews and best seller lists. Advertisers should make an extra effort to drive shoppers to gift guides via CJ links and Publishers, in turn, should highlight these guides in some way (or some place) on their sites.

Key Strategy: In the absence of an on-site gift guide, advertisers can merchandise their best-selling items in the newsletters they send to Publishers. Ideally, pair gift items with a free shipping offer—free shipping remains a leading priority for online shoppers (Prosper Insights Consumer Survey, 2013).

Providing an enjoyable experience as a gift is a growing trend that online marketers can tap.

Tap into Experiential

Providing an enjoyable experience for a giftee, versus a physical item, is a growing trend that online marketers can tap, despite the offline nature of these gifts. Experiential gifts such as golf outings, city tours, wine clubs, concerts, sporting events, etc. are available for purchase online and with CJ advertisers. Last year, advertiser programs that sell wine club subscriptions, sport and concert tickets and restaurant gift certificates averaged week over week gains of 20% signaling an opportunity for marketers who realize that some shoppers prefer to purchase more ephemeral gifts.

Key Strategy: Similar to other gift guides they might create, Publishers could create an experiential gift ideas "round up" for their site visitors. Advertisers such as ScoreBig, Ticket Network, Trusted Tours, Luxury Link, Gold Medal Wine Club and Craft Beer Club offer gifts that think beyond the tie and wallet.

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