Global Innovation with Payoneer

Nov 2, 2016
Written by Nele S.

With offices in seven different countries and a network of tens of thousands Publishers across the globe, here at CJ Affiliate we are committed to helping you reach consumers worldwide. But our global efforts don't stop there!

Our recent partnership with Payoneer, an innovative B2B cross-border payments company, has expanded our global Publisher payment and recruitment solutions to allow Publishers around the world to receive payment in their currency of their choice.

In addition to meeting global demands, there is a renewed commitment here at CJ to accelerate progress and innovation. Partnering with Payoneer means exactly that. Instead of just looking at how we can meet today's payment needs for existing Publishers, we are also looking ahead to global growth opportunities for both Publishers and Advertisers.

What does this mean for Publishers?

CJ Affiliate now offers fast and convenient payment solutions to over 200 countries in 150 currencies. Adding this cross-border payments platform to our existing Publisher payment options enables us to further expand our global footprint by tapping into Payoneer's expansive Publisher ecosystem, specifically in Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe.

In addition, over the last few months CJ and Payoneer's client services departments have worked closely together to train support teams on these new payments processes to ensure that our Publishers continue to receive the service and support that they are accustomed to.

What does it mean for CJ's Advertisers?

Advertisers, get ready for more international affiliate leads from new and emerging markets! CJ now has access to Payoneer's wide network of affiliates—and events—through which you can expand your consumer reach, both locally and globally. Whether you are looking for new affiliates in China developing mobile apps, or affiliates in Latin America using social media as their main traffic source to target potential customers, the CJ-Payoneer partnership is an accelerated path to tap into an additional international Publisher pool.

Payoneer also follows their own strict vetting process when they sign up with new affiliates, extending the work of CJ's top notch network quality team to ensure that we continue to deliver high quality traffic sources.

To learn more about Payoneer's global payment solutions customized for CJ Affiliate, click here.

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