Hello China! Easily Tap into the World’s Largest eCommerce Market

Feb 19, 2019
Written by Alex Hart

CJ can help you leverage your current US affiliate marketing and ecommerce tools to facilitate Chinese cross-border shopping.

According to eMarketer, China now accounts for over 50% of ALL ecommerce transactions worldwide, with nearly 10% of that coming from cross-border. Cross-border (or “Haitao” in Chinese) is a significant and growing segment of the world’s largest ecommerce market, and new regulations show the government is serious about boosting cross-border sales.


Success Stories

2018 Affiliate Sales from Chinese Publishers


Common Concerns Addressed

“We don’t ship to China!” Not a problem. Most Chinese cross-border shoppers prefer to use freight forwarders. Freight forwarders are often a better-priced and more convenient option for those shopping from China. Just ensure orders sent to known freight forwarding addresses aren’t canceled, and cross-border shoppers will take care of the rest.  

“We don’t have a Chinese language site!” That’s okay! Most Chinese shoppers are comfortable enough navigating an English-language site. In fact, some prefer using the site in its original language to make sure they are getting an “authentic” experience.  

“We don’t sell in China!” No worries! Purchasing hard-to-find brands and products is part of the allure of cross-border shopping. In fact, some cruelty-free beauty brands have become very popular in China, despite not being sold there. Cross-border shopping allows Advertisers to get their products in the hands of their fans, wherever they may be.


Getting Started

Chinese publishers come in many different shapes and sizes. Here is a rundown of the most common business models for cross-border publishers:  


Loyalty sites are very popular with cross-border shoppers. Since many of them utilize freight forwarders, having cash back can help to counterbalance the additional costs associated with sending items to China. Cross-border shoppers are always on the lookout for great offers, and deal sites that promote best-of-web pricing on popular products perform well.

Concierge Service

This is a unique model that has been gaining in popularity in the cross-border space. Concierge publishers handle purchasing and logistics for the end-user, so they do not have to worry about having the right payment method or navigating freight forwarders. Concierge services often offer great content as a way of engaging users and introducing new brands and products.

Sub-Affiliate Networks

Sub-affiliate networks help to connect advertisers to smaller, niche publishers who operate in the Chinese market. They offer in-depth market knowledge and on-the-ground support. CJ values network quality and transparency, and works closely with these sub-affiliate partners to make sure they are compliant.


Reach out to Alex Hart, CJ’s in-house China expert, for any questions related to China and cross-border shopping.

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