What Google’s Recent Ad Blocking Means for CJ

Feb 20, 2018
Written by CJ

In an effort to provide an improved experience for website visitors, Google recently launched an ad blocker on its Chrome browser for ads that don’t comply with Better Ads Standards.

The following is a list of the 12 types of ads that the Better Ads Standards research found to be particularly bothersome to users, and are now blocked on Chrome:

  • Desktop:
    • Pop-Up Ads
    • Prestitial Ads with Countdown
    • Auto-Play Video Ads with Sound
    • Large Sticky Ads
  • Mobile
    • Pop-Up Ads
    • Prestitial Ads
    • Prestitial Ads with Countdown
    • Auto-Play Video Ads with Sound
    • Large Sticky Ads
    • Density > 30%
    • Flashing Animated Ads
    • Full-Screen Scroll Over Ads

This new update does not impact ads coming from Publishers in our network, as these types of intrusive ads have already been deemed non-compliant in our network. As a best practice, we advise all ad placements are designed with customer experience as the top priority.

According to Google’s recent announcement about this new update, sites are evaluated via a sample of pages on their site and depending on how many violations are found, the site will be rated as Passing, Warning, or Failing. Independent of the marketing channel, Google will flag all non-compliant ads and notify the site owner for an opportunity to reconfigure the ad experience within 30 days of initial notification. As of February 12, 42% of sites that received a Failing rating have already resolved their issues and are now considered Passing.

For more information on how Google Chrome’s ad filtering works, check out this post on the Chromium blog.

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