Publisher Insight into the Customer Journey Is a Partnership Game-Changer

30 Sep, 2021
Written by CJ

In August 2021, we introduced Affiliate Customer Journey reporting for advertisers on-demand, and now, we’re launching Affiliate Customer Journey for publishers! We’re excited to announce that all CJ publishers now have access to Affiliate Customer Journey data on-demand in a new Insights dashboard.

Transparency plays a critical part in trust, and trust leads to strong, profitable partnerships. At CJ, we offer a full-service partnership management platform underpinned by performance data transparency for advertisers and publishers. Because great data helps advertisers and publishers select partners, diversify offers, understand customers, and invest in growth. 

When publishers understand where there’s opportunity to optimise their own efforts (i.e., search strategy, content curation, offers/deals, placements, additional promotional models, etc.), there's increased potential to drive better outcomes for everyone.

CJ's Affiliate Customer Journey data has been influential in helping us understand a user's journey at the site level as well as across our entire portfolio of sites. These insights help us, and our advertiser partners understand our value within the customer's journey so we can implement effective strategies and help inform a data-driven approach for advertiser investment.

- Michelle Matranga, Head of Attribution, Ziff Media Group

With Affiliate Customer Journey for publishers, CJ leads the industry in partnership performance transparency designed to drive growth. Equipped with insight into advertiser-level performance across the purchase funnel, publishers can evaluate and benchmark performance on a partner-by-partner basis to identify where to take action to deliver more value for their customers and partners, and drive more growth.

Feature highlights include:

  • Journey data visualised on-demand in-platform
  • The ability to toggle between single and multi-partner journey data
  • A Partner Contribution module that provides an easy view into your participation by journey type or partner, with aggregated data by action, AOV, or revenue
  • A Common Paths module that shows your most common single and multi-partner journeys and the publisher models that played a part in those multi-partner journeys
  • Downloadable reports for portable analysis


Publishers: Leverage Affiliate Customer Journey to Create Bullseye Marketing Strategies

Here are just a few examples of how publishers can use Journey insights to drive growth and add value to partnerships:

Partner Recruitment: Single partner journeys highlight your unique audience reach, and multi-partner journey data combined with AOV metrics can showcase the value of your presence in that path - at any given stage. Include these journey insights in your recruitment discussions to support why an advertiser should work with your program.

Partner Launch: Evaluate your journey data 30 days after the launch of key advertisers and compare to similar partners. Are there successful strategies or promotional tactics that can be replicated with the new advertiser to boost performance?

Partner Optimisation: Dig deeper into journey data by using the partner filter to compare journeys for specific advertisers - are there partners who would benefit from a strategy you’re using elsewhere or journey stages where there’s room to reach additional audiences? For example, you can strategise campaigns to generate more discovery and evaluation activity for brands where you primarily influence decisions. Or formulate consumer offerings and messaging that are geared toward driving conversions for advertisers where your influence is heavy in discovery and evaluation. Are you providing comprehensive, up-to-date information in your content? Do you have the best promotions highlighted top-of-the-fold?

Placement Proposals: Supplement your placement proposals and recaps by including your influence on actions and sales revenue beyond what was commissioned to you. Monitor discovery, evaluation, and decision rates during placements for direction on how running different placements influence certain stages - does one type of placement tend to drive higher discovery with certain advertiser categories? Use those insights to guide which placements to include so that your placement proposals best align with an advertiser’s goals. Hot tip: Don’t forget to use the dashboard's date picker to compare data before, during, and after a promotional period, or placement. If your marketing strategies change during certain time frames, use period over period data to evaluate how that affects your journey data.

Business Model Expansion and Enhancement: When multiple partner paths include a promotional model that isn’t part of your current business model, it’s an indicator that consumers are seeking additional information or consumer offerings beyond what you provide. Consider expanding into new areas if it makes sense for your affiliate program. Or, if the promotional model is already part of your program, review what improvements should be made to ensure more comprehensive and competitive offerings.

CJ's Customer Journey reporting gives us greater insight into how users interact with advertiser content across the Slickdeals platform. By optimising against this data, we are looking forward to facilitating a more streamlined shopping journey for our users and capturing more conversions for our partners.

- Briana Hall, Director of Business Development, Slickdeals


There are so many exciting insights to be discovered - explore Affiliate Customer Journey in Insights today!


Insights provides actionable data on demand in an intuitive, streamlined and easy-to-use platform to help you identify where to take action for your program.

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