Gain On-Demand Insight into the Affiliate Customer Journey

Jun 29, 2021
Written by CJ

We’ve all heard it: There’s an imperative need to understand customer shopping behavior beyond just looking at transactions. (And for good reason!)

Consumer shopping habits have evolved since the early days of ecommerce. For shoppers, efficiency and resourcefulness have replaced the novelty of buying online. A wealth of information, new levels, and varieties of interconnectedness now empower consumers to make informed choices, to seek out alternatives, and to establish new standards for and expectations of brands.

Traditional shopping experiences have become more measurable as they’ve moved online, giving digital marketers unprecedented visibility into the paths leading up to a purchase. Meanwhile, the types of publisher models monetized through affiliate have evolved alongside advancements in consumer savvy—meeting emerging consumer needs with technical innovation and enabling the affiliate channel (a channel of channels!) to paint a more complete picture of how, why, and when customers buy online.


Understanding Publisher Influence on Shopping Journeys

When we introduced Affiliate Customer Journey reporting in 2017, we leveraged our scale and our data science expertise to uncover customer research and purchase paths to allow clients to understand and reach customers in a dynamic and changing landscape.

Last year, we aggregated customer journey data at the network level and published our Study of Affiliate Customer Journeys which illuminated key findings about the role affiliate partners play in improving performance outcomes. Now we’ve made the same data available in platform, to help CJ advertisers understand the customer journey and strategize affiliate investment, and scale reach beyond the final publisher in the purchase path.


Affiliate Customer Journey On-Demand

We’re excited to announce that all CJ advertisers now have access to Affiliate Customer Journey data on-demand in a new Insights dashboard.

Ever wondered how many publishers a customer interacts with on average before they purchase? Curious about the length of your average consumer journey? Looking to measure the effectiveness of your paid placement campaigns prior to the decision stage? Hunting for publishers with strong performance in the discovery stage to invest in? We've got you.

With this release, advertisers will be able to explore the influence of their CJ partnerships across the entire customer purchase journey—from discovery, through evaluation, to decision. This dashboard will help you understand which publishers enter the purchase journey early, which are trusted contributors to product research, and which help close the deal in the decision stage. Advertisers can see revenue, AOV, and total transactions per journey type and by publisher, enabling them to measure successful paths by several key metrics beyond conversions.

Feature highlights include:

  • A Partner Contribution widget for an easy view into partner participation by journey type, with aggregated data by action, AOV, or revenue
  • The ability to toggle between single and multi-partner journey data
  • Journey data visualized on-demand in-platform
  • Download features for portable analysis
  • Efficient understanding of common shopping journeys and their effect on key KPIs
  • Insight into optimal referral windows associated with high-value shopping behavior


New insights await! Access your Affiliate Customer Journey data in Insights.


Insights provides actionable data on demand in an intuitive, streamlined and easy-to-use platform to help you identify where to take action for your program.

Affiliate Customer Journey

Affiliate Customer Journey analysis provides visibility into customer shopping behavior and unlocks the full value of the affiliate channel and affiliate partnerships.

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