4 Steps to Take Your Affiliate Program Global

Nov 7, 2016
Written by Caroline R.

Developing an international publisher base and “Going Global” is always a topic of conversation within the affiliate channel. Although many advertisers want to grow their program internationally, it can be difficult to know where to start. In this post, we'll go over a few actionable steps that you can take today to expand into international waters.

Update Your Network Profile

Within the CJ Account Manager, navigate to your Account > Network Profile page. Here you'll be able to update the following:

  • Secondary Languages (all of the languages that your website supports as well as links in different languages)

  • Serviceable Areas (the areas to which you are able to ship or provide services)

  • Currencies (the various forms of currency that you are able to accept as payment on your website)

Having these sections accurate and up to date will help your publishers market your brand knowing that their audience will be able to read about, pay for, and receive the items or services you are offering. Publishers can also search for advertisers to join based on this criteria, so you want to make sure this is correct.

Communicate with Your Publishers

Once your serviceable areas, languages, and currencies are updated in your Network Profile, be sure that your program description and welcome email to affiliates reflects the same message. These sections can be edited in the Account > Network Profile page too. Consistency is key!

It's also a best practice to send messaging to your publishers when the international components of your program change. If you are now able to ship to Australia when you previously only shipped to the US, let your publishers know! If you can no longer accept Canadian currency, your publishers will want to be made aware too.

Recruit International Publishers

Another tool to help you go global is the Publishers > Recruit page. In addition to viewing recommended publishers for your program, you can search and filter for publishers by Country (the publisher's location) and Geographic Source (where the publisher's traffic is coming from). More information on this tool can be found here.

You can also see a breakdown of conversion data by country for specific publishers that you're interested in working with on the publisher detail page. To access this data, click on the publisher's name within the CJ Account Manager and scroll to the fourth page. Below is an example of the type of data you'll be able to access.

Monitor Performance

Once you've updated your Network Profile and recruited new international publishers, it's time to make sure you understand how your publishers are performing. In the Reports > Performance page, you're able to run performance reports by publisher and by country. This can help you to identify and monitor the publishers from specific countries that are driving traffic and conversions for you and allow you to further optimize with them.

Now you're ready to set your course overseas. If you have trouble navigating, feel free to check in with your Account Manager, or find more information on CJ Affiliate's global reach here.

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