CJ Affiliate is Ranked #1 by the IR Top 1000

Dec 5, 2019
Written by CJ

CJ has been recognized as the #1 Affiliate Marketing Vendor by Internet Retailer with the highest number of IR Top 1000 clients choosing CJ as their network of choice.

CJ Affiliate is proud to be an innovation leader within the performance marketing industry for 21 years and to have been there every step of the way as affiliate has evolved to become a leading channel for customer acquisition and growth. Our network’s success stems from developing performance strategies backed by some of the most user-oriented and consumer-driven solutions around.


We’re focused on increasing affiliate investment by providing visibility into the channel’s value and proving the incremental value of affiliate sales. In 2019, our Data Science team harnessed transaction data, customer profiles, client CRM data, and site visit analytics to pull off the largest affiliate incrementality study ever conducted. Our findings prove that affiliate adds incremental value to the marketing mix, to the tune of:

  • 46% Higher Shopper to Customer Conversion
  • 29% Higher Spend Per Customer
  • 88% Higher Revenue Per Shopper

We believe that a customer-centric approach to marketing and data is critical to understanding channel and partner value and for making the right investment decisions. Ultimately, we are focused on growing the overall marketing dollars that go towards the affiliate channel and will continue to focus on the data and insights that will further uncover the true value of affiliates.

CJ Affiliate’s mission statement is “Dare to Think Big”. As the global leader in affiliate marketing for over 21 years, we are proud to empower both our clients and our people to think big!

Topics: Incrementality
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