CJ’s GAN Transition Program

Apr 18, 2013
Written by CJ

Given Google's recent announcement that they are closing their affiliate network, we wanted to reach out to GAN advertisers to offer our support. We understand the challenges you are now facing. CJ is committed to doing everything possible to ensure a seamless, successful transition for advertisers previously running their affiliate programs on GAN.

Our focused, customer-centric approach is why CJ continues to be a leading affiliate network, and a no-brainer to put at the top of your list of options. Over the past two years, nearly 200 advertisers (including many GAN advertisers) have made the switch from other networks over to CJ because of our proven ability to deliver results and our unmatched publisher relationships.


Our clients' satisfaction with their CJ experience speaks for itself—below are just a few snippets of what former GAN advertisers said about their transition experience in a recent survey*.

  • 80 percent experienced YOY revenue growth, with nearly half experiencing between 31 percent - 100 percent YOY growth.

  • 80 percent experienced an increase in the number of new revenue generating publishers, while 70 percent experienced an increase in performance from their existing publishers.

  • None of these former GAN advertisers saw any drop off in publisher performance.


We have developed a great solution for GAN advertisers to enable a smooth program transition, accelerate your growth rates and work within your existing budget requirements. Reserve your spot in CJ's GAN Transition Program, so we can get you back on solid ground as soon as possible.


*March 27 – April 12, 2013 we surveyed over 100 clients who fully migrated to CJ or closed a dual program on another network in 2011 or 2012.

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