Here’s How CJ Stacks Up in Martech Record’s 2023 Platform Buyer’s Guide

Dec 18, 2023
Written by CJ

Selecting an affiliate marketing platform is a critical decision for marketers—the challenge lies in making the right choice.

Luckily, Martech Record, an independent trade publication focused on all things affiliate marketing, created the 2023 Affiliate Marketing Spending Report & Platform Buyer’s Guide to help marketers navigate the tricky world of affiliate marketing platforms.


How Were the Results of This Report Determined?

Martech Record's report methodology is robust and reliable. First, they interviewed 20 professionals across the affiliate ecosystem including publishers, advertisers, and agencies to understand industry workflows. Subsequently, between February and April 2023, they surveyed 275 affiliate marketing managers and publishers across North America. Finally, the content of the report was validated through interviews with 10 leading brands, agencies, and publishers to ensure its accuracy and reliability.


CJ's Standout Performance

Of course, our favorite part of this report is the fact that we received high ratings across multiple categories! 😉

We’re thrilled to share that CJ’s has garnered widespread praise across agencies, brands, and publishers. CJ was honored with the Agency Award for Best Service, the Brand Award for Best Service, and the Publisher Award for Best Overall Network.

The report underscores CJ's consistent provision of exceptional client service, making it a perennial industry favorite. We love that publishers chose CJ as the best network for the third consecutive year—emphasizing our commitment to meeting publisher needs and ensuring programs benefit all stakeholders.


Why Choose CJ?

Check out these testimonials from a few satisfied clients featured in the report:

"[CJ’s] publisher services team is the best we work with."

“CJ’s service is very helpful and insightful on strategy…and tech updates that they know we would be interested in.”

It’s clear that our approach to providing flexible service aligns with the needs of both brands and agencies. Whether businesses prefer to run their programs independently or seek comprehensive support, CJ provides the end-to-end platform, expertise on demand, partner discovery, and management services while our teams of experts assist in establishing and growing programs, ensuring maximum potential, and strategic growth.

CJ's standout performance in Martech Record's 2023 report isn't merely a fleeting moment of glory. It stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence, supported by an unyielding dedication to delivering top-notch services for brands, agencies, and publishers. This honor of recognition and accolades reaffirms what we’ve always known—that CJ is trusted to perform. When it comes to achieving intelligent growth and securing strategic success, look no further than CJ, the trusted performer in the affiliate marketing realm.


Read more about the report and how CJ measured up in Martech Record’s 2023 Affiliate Marketing Spending Report & Platform Buyer’s Guide.

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