Expand Your Reach: Diversify Publisher Base [Part 3]

Oct 19, 2016
Written by Carissa Payne

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To recap from Part 1 and Part 2, we reviewed the four strategies for expanding the reach of your brand by diversifying your publisher base: Investigate, Recruitment, Get Certified, and Activation. Now for our final strategy:


As an affiliate program manager, you will likely know who your top 10-20 CJ publishers are. You are probably in regular contact with them and are quick to reach out if there is a sudden increase or decrease in their activity.

What about the rest of your publishers who are sending sales? Optimizing with your "mid-tier" publishers can be challenging, but can offer great returns if a few steps are taken:

  • Run performance reports in your CJ Account Manager to identify the publishers you would like to optimize.

  • Audit the publisher sites to be sure they are promoting your most up to date logo, creative, and offers.

  • Understand how to work more closely with each partner by asking what works best on their site, and by offering commission increases or "hybrid" commission and flat fees in exchange for testing site placements.

  • Combine exclusive offers to help with the conversion rate and overall performance of any placements secured.

To learn more about the strategies mentioned in this, and all the posts in this series, please visit the Support Center.

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