Mobile Insights: Smartphones drive big holiday sales

Dec 15, 2013
Written by Desiree T.

Across CJ's global network, the impact of mobile this holiday season is already evident. From Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday, over 15 percent of our global transactions took place on a smartphone or tablet. Of those mobile transactions, over 43 percent of them were on a smartphone--in the days leading up to Thanksgiving that number was over 50 percent!

Looking across the network, there were some surprising results as it pertains to conversions on a smartphone.

Our Financial Services advertisers, for example, saw 70 percent of their mobile sales occurring on a smartphone and Online Services advertisers saw 67 percent. It is certainly not a coincidence that these two business categories have invested in the mobile commerce and their mobile experience.


Thanksgiving – Cyber Monday 2013
Percent of mobile conversions on a smartphone by CJ category

Retail 30%
Computer & Electronics 50%
Financial Services 73%
Home & Garden 32%
Online Services 67%
Travel 45%


Overall this holiday season, mobile is a greater part of consumers' shopping experience. Mobile traffic, according to IBM, grew to 40 percent for Black Friday and 32 percent for Cyber Monday of all online traffic (a YoY increase of 34 percent and 45 percent, respectively.). Smartphones drove 25 percent of all online traffic on Black Friday and 20 percent on Cyber Monday compared to tablets at 14 percent and 12 percent for Cyber Monday, making it the browsing device of choice.

Mobile sales were also strong, reaching 22 percent of total online sales for Black Friday and 17 percent for Cyber Monday, an increase of nearly 43 percent and 55 percent year-over-year.


Having an optimized site for this environment is a key driver for success. According to Branding Brands, smartphone-optimized websites sales increased 187 percent on Black Friday and 150 percent on Cyber Monday. The clear stand out was Thanksgiving Day sales with smartphone-optimized websites up 258 percent.

Clearly, consumers are using smartphones to discover and transact with brands. If you're an advertiser or publisher, it is time to optimize your site for a smartphone experience! If you're a mobile-focused publisher, partnering with more Financial Services and Online service advertisers could be a smart move.

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