Reaching Millennials Across the Globe

May 12, 2016
Written by Ryan Burkley

The CJ Affiliate network is composed of publishers in nearly all the populated regions of the world; and millennials are one of the largest demographics of online consumers. Do you have an affiliate program in place that targets these key markets? If you want to grow your brand in the network, it is key to understand millennials and how to reach them on a global scale.

In a recent poll of respondents in 29 countries, Internet Retailer identified several buying patterns across border that speak to this trend:

  • 52 percent of millennials report having shopped cross-border during the last year

  • 64 percent of millennials don't mind where an item is from as long as the total price is good

  • 40 percent of millennials selected proof of product authenticity as a factor making them more likely to buy from a website in another country

The potential reach for advertisers to showcase their brand is endless. Merchants looking to attract customers on a global scale should consider opening their programs to publishers with a large amount of international traffic.

Recently, I had the chance to speak with Vimeo to find out how they are adapting to consumers across the world and how CJ is helping them accomplish these goals.

CJ: Can you talk about how the Vimeo products and services are geared toward millennials?


Vimeo's overall aesthetic is geared towards millennials at its core—its products focus on young professionals; film makers, wedding photographers, extreme sport enthusiast and aspiring musicians all help cultivate the community that makes Vimeo unique. Its key differentiators help attract a demographic that is skewed male, higher education and ranges between the ages of 25 and 35—a prime millennial market.

CJ: What are some of the tactics Vimeo uses to reach new customers abroad?


The currency on our checkout page dynamically updates based on the users IP address. This creates a seamless process for US and international users. For example, a user from the UK can click through any of our normal US programs affiliate links and upon checking out, their price will show in Pounds.

CJ: How is CJ helping you expand your international presence?


We've used geo targeting reporting to work with publishers who have a majority of traffic in the countries they want to optimize. For example, we are working with a TM+ partner and asked them to expand their campaign to bid on search terms in international zones.

Vimeo is growing online and is well positioned for the future because of their focus on branding toward millennials across the globe. Nielson confirms that, millennials are more "multicultural" than any previous generation. Advertisers should focus on this key demographic and consider international reach a high priority when exploring new publishers in the CJ network.

Did you know?

  • 15 advertisers in the CJ Affiliate network converted a sale from Liechtenstein in the previous month.

  • 719 advertisers in the CJ Affiliate network converted a sale from Mexico in the previous month.

This data showcases the reach of the CJ network with opportunity amongst the smallest and largest countries across the globe. According to CJ's 2016 Affiliate Marketing Trends, CJ's network reaches 81 million unique individuals each month, which is 40 percent of the U.S. internet daily audience.

CJ also found that 25 percent of online purchases were from websites outside their country. Some of the top regions/countries driving sales to U.S. advertisers were Asia, Europe, Brazil and Mexico.

Publishers, consider adding programs that have high conversion data based on the international traffic that your site is receiving. As you filter through advertiser programs, make sure to click through the advertiser name to view a pie chart that shows top countries converting in the previous month. From this data, you can find partnerships that target a particular audience or region. Please note that new advertisers in the network may not have this data available.

Publishers can also leverage country-specific information by filter or search. That being said, it is important to understand the key differences (see the Advertiser Tab in the CJ Account Manager):

  • Advertiser Country Filter: Filter through advertisers by location of corporation.

  • Geographical Source Filter: Filter through advertisers that are converting based on traffic from certain countries.

  • Serviceable Area: Serviceable area means the area that advertisers ship goods to. This enables you to filter advertisers so you are promoting those that will ship to areas where your site visitors live.

Millennials are leading a change in online purchase trends and it's important for advertisers and publishers to understand how to market to this key demographic. Take advantage of the tools and services here at CJ to extend your brand to customers across the globe and tap into new emerging markets. Think different, think big, think global!

Sources: Internet Retailer and Nielsen

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