Strategies for a Profitable Holiday Season

Sep 29, 2015
Written by Lika Walker

Summer vacations are over and kids are back to school, leaving retailers enough time to take a breath before the year's busiest shopping season hits. To help you prepare, we'd like to offer retailers in all industries actionable strategies—based on CJ's 2015 Holiday Intelligence Report—for a profitable holiday season.

"The data indicates that holiday shopping behavior has shifted in a major way, and retailers need to know what these changes are and why they're happening," explains CJ's Director of Strategic Insights, Sandrine Thompson. "Our webinar offers retailers insights based on these trends as well as strategies they can use to be successful this holiday season."

Download CJ's webinar for holiday timing, trends, and tips:

  • Why you should start campaigns earlier and keep them running longer

  • How to make it easier for Cyber Monday shoppers to buy

  • Which offer types get more clicks than coupons

  • Why 'branding' might be just as important as 'selling' during "Peak Week"

  • Which December weekdays typically perform best

  • How to prepare for Singles Day, potentially a major component of holiday revenue

Download CJ's 2015 Holiday Intelligence Report for a complete overview of the data.

Stay tuned as we continue to roll out even more tips to help you plan for what is sure to be the most successful shopping season yet!

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