CJ ❤ Publishers and This is How We Show It

7 Jun, 2021
Written by CJ

If you’re a publisher, we hope you know just how dedicated we are to you and your success. If you appreciate our partnership, please consider giving us your vote for 2021 Publisher Choice of Network! That's right—it's time for publishers across the industry to cast their vote for their favourite network at the Performance Marketing Awards. Voting registration is currently open, and the official voting period begins on June 7, 2021.


We take our relationships with publishers seriously - CJ is committed to listening to, advocating for, and celebrating publisher partners of all shapes and sizes. 

We work hard to serve our publishers through innovation and expertise, allowing them to showcase the value they bring to both brands and consumers. We’re constantly focused on developing products and resources to help publishers grow revenue through new technology - accelerating the process of joining the network, partnering with brands, and earning commissions.

What Makes CJ Such a Publisher-Centric Community

Developments across the last year have focused on helping publishers grow revenue - whether through channel advocacy, building tools for strengthening strategic partnerships, or making improvements to our core platform.

Here are a few ways CJ helped publishers efficiently activate and earn in the CJ network:

  • Get set up for success from day one: To help publishers join and activate quickly, we created a new Guided Onboarding process that takes publishers through every step of setting up their account. Once active, publishers access a Nurture Checklist which walks through the steps to find advertisers, join programs, grab links to promote, analyse performance, and learn how to monitor orders, commissions, and twice-monthly payouts.
  • Tech that compliments your workflow: Our fan-favourite Deep Link Generator tool allows publishers to generate deep links without having to log into the CJ Account Manager. Exciting updates to this tool went live in 2020, showcasing a new look and feel, mobile access, and more. Our Deep Link Automation feature enables a simple script to be added to publishers’ sites to monetise all links to advertiser pages. These tools save publishers time and allow them to easily create even more tracking links for advertiser programs.
  • Promote products with ease: Our state-of-the-art Product Search API helps publishers easily enrich site content for the most optimal consumer experience, discover new products that align with promotional style and content, and improve organic search rankings - with standardised data and ultimate flexibility.
  • Get discovered: Our Recruit Partners tool helps publishers get discovered through filters and 'smart' search functionality that allows advertisers to query a variety of data sources with one search input.
  • Maximise your opportunities: In 2020, we released new functionality through our Situational Commissioning solution that allows advertisers to define commission rates at the publisher property level - this means that publishers have the potential of earning higher commission rates on different property types, promotional opportunities, or sub-affiliate partners.
  • Showcase your full value: Our partnership with CreatorIQ will soon give publishers the ability to authenticate their social media handles - pulling audience metrics, audience profiles, and social following directly into the CJ platform for all network advertisers to access, search, and filter in platform.
  • Tap into expertise: Our tenured global Publisher Development team leads the industry in providing proactive and on-demand support to all network publishers. Working in lockstep with advertiser account teams and directly with publishers, CJ’s Pub Dev experts bring deep expertise in traditional models and specialty verticals, like social shopping and content commerce. Trusted and reliable, they consistently champion publishers’ needs and best interests in the network.
  • Access timely resources when you need them most: In 2020, CJ combined its data science expertise and customer-centric ethos to quickly create and release the Covid-19 Network & Consumer Trends Report. This weekly view into consumer shopping behaviours helped publishers make informed business decisions throughout 2020 and elevated the profile of the affiliate industry.

The annual Performance Marketing Awards voting for Publisher Choice of Network opens June 7, 2021. If you appreciate our partnership, please consider giving us your vote!

What Publishers Are Saying about CJ

"At American Media, we still actively choose CJ over other affiliate networks when possible and encourage advertiser partners to as well, both those advertisers currently participating in affiliate and those from our AMI digital campaigns looking to get into the field. I'd encourage any publisher to begin their sub-affiliate migration to networks with CJ."

- Kara Kamenec, Sr. Director, Ecommerce, American Media, Inc.


“As an independent publisher, the most important business relationships you can have are with the people who understand both your audience and your content. CJ just gets it. Unlike other impersonal affiliate marketplace platforms, CJ has a keen understanding of our needs as content creators in the digital advertising marketplace. They understand that every piece of content we create for a brand has a hard cost associated with it. And, therefore, they're able to go to bat for us negotiating higher commissions with their brands looking to align with our audience.”

- Brandon Wenerd, Editorial Director & Founding Partner, BroBible


Thank you for your consideration and partnership!

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Deep Link Generator

The Deep Link Generator allows publishers to create affiliate deep links directly from any page within an advertiser's website. Deep linking allows publishers to take the user directly to any desired page, including product or category pages. This improves user experience and increases the chance of an action being completed and commission earned. All links can be searched and filtered to quickly find available deep links.

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