Make Yourself at Home with CJ's Publisher Onboarding Experience

May 5, 2020
Written by CJ

We believe in the value of publishers. Which is why we're constantly at work behind the scenes to make sure that the CJ experience is a productive one... from day one.

Our Publisher Development team works on behalf of publishers of all shapes, sizes, and models to create a happy home within the CJ network so they can build and nurture fruitful partnerships. From a product development perspective, we endeavor to bring the same caliber of service directly into the CJ platform in the form of tools, solutions, and support so that monetization is achievable by anyone willing to make the effort. In this spirit, we’ve completely overhauled the publisher onboarding experience so that from the moment you sign up for a publisher account, your introduction to the CJ network—and affiliate marketing in general—is more accessible and user-friendly.


Introducing CJ’s Publisher Onboarding Checklist

Rather than make do with a generic form-based application that only takes in generic information, we built an interactive Onboarding Checklist that makes it simple for new publishers to get set up for success:

  • A friendly guided tour leads publishers step by step through account set-up to set expectations around what’s necessary, and monitor progress.
  • Account set-up doesn’t need to happen in one go—publishers can leave the tour, come back, and pick up where they left off.
  • When publishers finish and activate their accounts, we’ve aggregated and updated all the most asked-about topics into an easy-to-navigate Getting Started Guide, which lives just a click away for quick reference.
  • Looking for more information or help? Access our robust Support Center and Client Support team.


Promotional Properties: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Affiliate promotional models have evolved beyond a simple link on a website. These days, publishers are looking to monetize apps, browser extensions, social platforms, and more. To solve for this evolution, we’ve also updated how publishers declare their business model to the advertisers in our network. Our new Promotional Properties classification system allows publishers from all walks to accurately describe their value to advertisers, tell them how and where they promote, and make those opportunities discoverable to potential advertiser partners.


We hope this new onboarding process makes it easier for you to get to know CJ, and to let CJ get to know you. Cheers to long-term success together!

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