Power Up Partnerships with Promotional Property Commissioning & Program Terms API

May 27, 2020
Written by CJ

Relationships are the heart of affiliate marketing, and we take them extra seriously at CJ.

In October 2019, we introduced Promotional Properties to the publisher dashboard, designed to provide a more intuitive and accurate method for publishers to describe their promotional means and methods (i.e. content, social, mobile app, browser extension, etc.) and set the stage for better partnership discoverability tools for the network. Now that we have a more accurate classification system in place, we’re excited to launch the next phase of innovation in commissioning functionality: Promotional Property Commissioning.


Promotional Property Commissioning Presents More Optimization Levers for Advertisers

Promotional Property Commissioning is a program term enhancement that expands our flexible and robust Situational Commissioning capabilities by allowing advertisers to define commission rates by promotional property, with no additional integration effort necessary. This functionality creates new partnership opportunities (especially for sub-affiliates and partner networks) and enables more sophisticated recruitment and optimization strategies. High-end retail brand, Lacoste, had early access to Promotional Property Commissioning and used it successfully to select specific on-brand content sites from larger sub-affiliate networks to optimize with.

Advertisers can use the Promotional Properties API in addition to publisher network profiles in the CJ Account Manager to curate lists of promotional property types and assign them custom commission rates based on promotional model, property type, historical performance, and business objectives. Publishers have full visibility into these rates through the program terms interface.

Here’s an example: A publisher plans to promote a brand on two of their promotional properties to reach different audiences—on their website, and within their mobile app. With promotional property commissioning, the advertiser is able to single out the mobile app promotional property for a commission increase in exchange for increased brand visibility within the mobile app on days with higher traffic in order to increase customer reach and conversion opportunities.


New: Program Terms API for Publishers

Effective partnership management requires providing publishers easy access to full partnership details, including commission rates, promotional property rates, or any Situational Commissioning rates offered by joined advertisers. Our new Program Terms API enables publishers to query full details of their advertiser relationships in real-time and on-demand. Visit our Developer Portal for full specifications. Stay tuned as we continue to increase API access to data, features, and functionality.


Interested in learning more about these solutions? Reach out to your CJ representative or contact us for more info.

Situational Commissioning

Situational Commissioning is a powerful, rule-based commissioning solution that allows advertisers to build and reward on high-value commissioning scenarios based on order attributes unique to their business.

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