CJ Shortlisted for 12 Performance Marketing Awards in 2021

May 27, 2021
Written by CJ

CJ has been shortlisted for 12 Performance Marketing Awards (PMAs) in 2021. The UK-based awards celebrate excellence within performance marketing.

Alongside key advertiser partners Sainsbury's Group, Domino's, AT&T, The North Face, Dell, Great Little Trading Company, Acorn TV, and Bose, CJ’s partnership with Cardlytics, Student Beans, and RevLifter have been commended in the shortlist.

Two of the awards that CJ has been shortlisted for are decided by the industry—please take two minutes to cast your vote for CJ:


The remaining Performance Marketing Awards that CJ's been shortlisted for are:

  • Global Excellence
    • CJ & Dell: Global Expansion Par Excellence
    • RevLifter, CJ, & AT&T: Keeping the US Connected
  • Best Managed Affiliate Program (Enterprise Level) - CJ Affiliate & Bose - Agile Affiliate: Driving Growth During Lockdown
  • Best Lead Generation Campaign
    • CJ Affiliate & The North Face - Investing in the Brand: Trialling Lead Generation in Retail
    • CJ Affiliate & Acorn TV - Harnessing Relationships, Trust, and Expertise to Deliver Streaming Subscribers
  • Best Program Launch or Migration - Migrating Dell to CJ: A High Stakes, High Pace Migration
  • Best Industry Initiative - CJ's Tracking Integrity Initiative
  • Best Data-Led Campaign - CJ Affiliate, Great Little Trading Company, and Cardlytics: Integrating a Brand-New Affiliate Model to Drive Incremental Sales from Consumer Data
  • Best Program Launch or Migration - CJ Affiliate & Sainsbury's Group - Software WITH a Service: Migrating, Consolidating and Mobilizing Affiliate
  • Student Beans, Domino’s, & CJ: Domino’s Freshers Campaign 2020

“CJ being shortlisted for 11 Performance Marketing Awards is a result of our focus on innovation and evolution within the performance marketing industry,” explains Jules Bazley, Regional Vice President at CJ. “It has clearly been a period that the majority of us would like to put behind us, and I'm proud that CJ and our clients—advertisers, publishers, and agencies—have retained the future-focus throughout that has continued to drive performance.

"Covid-aside, the industry is evolving fast. Tracking cookies, for example, no longer provide complete, reliable, and necessary tracking coverage, while it's clear that consumer sensitivity surrounding privacy will continue to grow. Given the urgency of these pressures on the entirety of the performance marketing industry and beyond, at CJ we embarked on a tracking integrity initiative to help steer our clients and industry peers towards a future where performance partnership investments, and returns, are protected from current headwinds.

"Our tracking integrity initiative is just one example of CJ innovating and leading the industry forward. We have a lot in store for the next 12-months and beyond as hopefully, the world recovers from the pandemic, and these innovations are all underpinned by the incredible skill sets and knowledge that our teams have continued to put to use for the advertisers, publishers, and agencies that are on our network. Given the experience we've all had over the past 15-months, CJ featuring so strongly on this shortlist is a big testament to that and a huge reflection on the strong collaboration between CJ's teams and those of our clients."

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